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All Trust Fund Programs

CFP Trust Funds: All Programs
- Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ATRF)
- Africa Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF)
- Africa Land and Water Initiative
- Africa Water Resource Management
- Africa Water Resources Management Initiative
- African Program for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC)
- African Virtual University (AVU)
- Agriculture and the WTO
- Asia-Africa Trade & Investment Facilitation
- Asia Alternative Energy Program (ASTAE)
- Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)
- Avian Flu Trust Fund Facility (AHIF)
- Bank-Netherlands Partnership (BNPP)
- BioCarbon Fund
- Capacity Development and Linkages for EIA in Africa
- Caspian Environment Program (CEP)
- Cities Alliance (CITIES)
- Clean Air Initiative
- Collaborative Program Livestock Development
- Communities and Small-Scale Mining
- Consultant Trust Fund (CTF) Program
- Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research(CGIAR)
- Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest (CGAP)
- Development Gateway Foundation
- Development Market Place
- East Timor Transition Support
- Energy Sector Management Program (ESMAP)
- External Gender Consultative Group
- Financial Sector Reform & Strengthening (FIRST)
- Flagship Program on Health Sector Reform & Sustainable Financing
- Food for Education Evaluation
- Global Development Learning Network (GDLN)
- Global Development Network
- Global Environment Facility (GEF)
- Global Fund for AIDS, TB & Malaria
- Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR)
- Global Fund for Indigenous Peoples
- Global Gas Flaring Reductioning Public-Private Partnerships
- Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid
- Global Transport Research
- Information for Development (infoDev)
- Italian Fund for Culture and Sustainable Development (CFCSD)
- Japan Policy and Human Resources Development Fund (PHRD)
- Japan Social Development Funds (JSDF)
- Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JS/WBGSP)
- Knowledge for Change Program
- Managing the Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa (Melissa)
- Mediterranean Environmental Technical Assistance Program (METAP)
- Metropolitan Environment Improvement Program (MEIP) in Asia
- Millenium Project:Research and Data Activities
- Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol (MFMP) /Ozone
- Nile Basin Initiative
- Norwegian Gender and Development
- Norwegian Trust Fund for Environmentally Socially & Sustainable Development
- Norwegian Trust Fund for Private Sector and Infrastructure (NTF-PSI)
- Pacific Facility
- Participatory Reforms in Irrigation & Drainage
- Pilot Program to Conserve the Brazilian Rain Forest
- Post Conflict Partnership Program (PCP)
- Poverty Alleviation & Legal Rights (Egypt)
- Poverty Reduction Strategy Support Trust Fund (PRSTF)
- Priority Reconstruction Program in Bosnia-Herzegovina
- PROFOR Program on Forests
- Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF)
- ProVention Consortium
- Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF)
- Regional Environmental Information Management
- Robert McNamara Fellowships
- South-South Exchange (SEETF)
- Special Program for African Agricultural Research (SPAAR)
- Standards & Trade Development Facility
- Statistical Capacity Building (TFSCB)
- Stop Tuberculosis Partnership
- Strengthening LDC Governments Engagements
- Sub-Saharan Transport Policy
- Sudan Multi-Donor Trust Funds (MDTFs)
- Supporting Insurance Supervision
- Trade Liberalization, Poverty & Environment
- Water and Sanitation Program
- West Bank and Gaza Program

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