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Financial Management

The Financial Management department (CFPFM) provides financial advisory, risk management, and IT development services across the teams within Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships (CFP).

The Financial Management department, started in early 2009, plays the role of a middle office in the CFP Vice Presidency. It advises on CFP-related financial challenges; monitors and reports on risks; reviews CFP business processes from the perspective of controls, oversight, and governance adequacy; fosters synergies and information-sharing across CFP teams; represents CFP in a number of Bank-wide fora; and develops IT applications in SAP-STAR for internal clients including IBRD, IDA, MIGA, ICSID, and all Bank Trust Funds. Beyond regular review of the risks involved in the Bank’s concessional portfolios, the unit supports CFP business units in financial analysis and quantifying and mitigating risks.

Identify and mitigate financial and operational risks in concessional Bank portfolios

Financial Management Brochure

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