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2010 Trust Fund Annual Report

The World Bank Group (WBG) trust fund portfolio continues to grow, reflecting the increased importance of trust funds as a vehicle for channeling concessional development finance.

At end-FY10, funds held in trust by the World Bank Group (WBG) amounted to US$26 billion, with an additional $12.4 billion contributions receivable. (see summary sheet)

These trust funds support country-level operations, emergency responses, knowledge initiatives, advisory services, and collective action across countries on global

Trust Fund Assets

priorities such as climate change, public health, and food security. They allow the WBG to engage in a wide range of partnerships and leverage development assistance to its client countries.
The 2010 Trust Fund Annual Report (complete report) provides details on the Trust Funds held by the WBG and their growing importance with the development aid architecture.

Driven primarily by growth in Financial Intermediary Funds, contributions to the Trust Funds administered by the WBG have grown from US$2.7 billion in FY02 to over US$11 billion in FY10.

As well as providing an overview of trends in the portfolio, the report provides details on the Trust Funds managed by the IBRD/IDA, the Financial Intermediary Funds (FiFs) and the Funds held by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

The Report also discusses the results achieved using these funds and outlines progress made to ensure their effective and efficient management and steps being taken to mainstream this into the work of the WBG.

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2010 TF Annual Report