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The Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships (CFP) Vice Presidency is the World Bank Group’s unit responsible for mobilizing and managing concessional and grant financing. CFP acts as an intermediary in matching the needs of recipients with donor priorities through an array of concessional lending and grant instruments. The Vice Presidency is organized as follows:

IDA Resource Mobilization (CFPIR)

The IDA Resource Mobilization Department (CFPIR) is responsible for the replenishment and stewardship of the International Development Association (IDA), the Bank’s principal facility for providing highly concessional resources to the world’s poorest countries. The department is the institutional focal point for replenishment of IDA resources, which takes place every three years.
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Global Partnership & Trust Fund Operations (CFPTO)

The Global Partnership & Trust Fund Operations department (CTPFO) is responsible for creating and disseminating the policies and business processes of the Bank-administered Trust Funds. It also helps in developing and managing the Bank’s partnerships and trust funds business operations by serving as a liaison between external and internal clients on strategy, policy, program management, and best practices. Additionally, the department provides training and support to trust fund users and managers.
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Multilateral Trustee and Innovative Financing (CFPMI)

The Multilateral Trusteeship and Innovative Financing department (CFPMI) serves two primary functions. (i) - It develops, implements, and manages the business, financial, and operational frameworks for multi-donor and multilateral trust funds and initiatives; and (ii) - It provides advice and manages the design and implementation process for innovative financing initiatives.
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Financial Management (CFPFM)

The Financial Management department (CFPFM) provides financial advisory, risk management, and IT development services across the teams within Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships (CFP).
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Mobilized $42 billion in IDA resources for the world’s poorest countries under the fifteenth replenishment for fiscal years 2008-2011


ADB teams with the Bank and OECD in AidFlows

2011 Trust Fund Annual Report

Working Paper - Finance for Development: Trends and Opportunities in a Changing Landscape

Brief - Finance for Development: Trends and Opportunities in a Changing Landscape

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Marketplace on Innovative Financial Solutions for Development

Korea Reaches New Level as Donor - an op-ed piece by Vice-President Axel van Trotsenburg

IMF and World Bank Announce Debt Relief to the Republic of Congo

$1.6 Billion in Debt Relief to Afghanistan

World Bank Expresses Strong Support for Haiti Following Earthquake

Republic of Korea Prepays Outstanding IDA Credits


Water– IDA’s Quest to Improve Access Continues

As the World Water Day is observed on March 22, the quest continues for IDA in improving access to drinking water, and sanitation facilities in low-income countries.
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