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Eligible Activities

Eligible Activities

JSDF funded activities will benefit the most fragile and vulnerable groups in World Bank client countries to help end extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity through the financing of activities that directly impact and improve livelihoods, delivery services, build capacity, and peace.

What activities are eligible for financing by JSDF?

Only activities that complement an existing World Bank Group-financed operation in an eligible country. For a list of current projects, please the World Bank Monthly Operational Summary. Here you can search for project information by country in the various documents that are available (e.g. Public Information Documents, Project Appraisal Documents, Country Assistance Strategies, etc.). Other sources of information on projects include United Nations Development Business or World Development Sources.

Can you give me examples of the types of project activities that can be funded by JSDF?

1. JSDF can finance activities providing direct relief measures and improvement of services and facilities for poorer population groups, and innovation and testing of new approaches to assist these groups, particularly in the social sector which could be replicated on a larger scale or included in operations financed by the World Bank. For example, JSDF activities could include, but are not limited to:

  • Establishing the activities of a social fund which is directed at poverty alleviation.
  • Developing public employment programs that will benefit the poor.
  • Supporting activities to enhance participation of local communities, particularly vulnerable groups, in development and implementation of community development plans.
  • Funding activities that assist in the establishment of programs to safeguard or improving the living conditions of vulnerable groups such as the disabled, children, or the unemployed.

2. JSDF can also finance capacity building measures such as increasing the participation of local communities and NGOs in World Bank-financed operations. Activities could include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing basic services by community groups because the public and private sectors cannot adequately respond to the demands for such services.
  • Developing local capacity to enable the affected groups in undertaking community driven public works projects.
  • Improving the delivery of needed public services through community groups or NGOs to those groups affected by the crisis.

What rules govern the procurement of goods and services under JSDF?

The procurement of goods and services for JSDF-financed activities is carried out in accordance with the World Bank procurement guidelines. You can access the World Bank guidelines by clicking below.