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Emergency Window

(announced November 11, 2009)

The JSDF Emergency Window (EW) aims to protect the poorest and help those that have been driven into extreme poverty in the wake of the global economic crisis. Proposed JSDF projects would support activities aligned with the Rapid Social Response Program (RSR) and the Global Food Crisis Response Program (GFRP). The GFRP program finances a mix of rapid food and agriculture related assistance, while the RSR program finances immediate interventions in the areas of safety nets, labor markets and access to basic services.


JSDF EW Projects must address the emergency country context, and satisfy the following criteria:  i) have been impacted negatively by the rising price of food, fuel, and the financial crisis; and ii) have limited fiscal resources to address the crises. 


All low-income and middle-income (IDA and IBRD) countries are eligible to receive a JSDF Emergency Window grant.


All sectors are eligible in all Regions;  However, project activities need to fall in four themes: 

 Ø  Food Security
Ø  Agricultural Productivity
Ø  Unemployment Support and Safety Nets 
Ø  Protection of Access to Basic Health and Education Services 

 Emergency Window Process


The JSDF program application process is now fully aligned with the Bank's procedures for Small Grants. Task Teams are requested to follow their Regional Guidelines for processing Small Grants.


Concept Notes can be prepared at any time. Application for funding from the JSDF Program will be done through the submission of the web-based Grant Funding Request (GFR) tool following a Call for Proposals issued by CFP. 


The GFR for the Emergency Window is #5436 for the Recipient portion, and Window #5437 for the Bank-executed portion for project supervision. 


The maximum amount of a JSDF Emergency Window grant is US$3 million, including a designated amount for project Supervision for the Bank’s Task Team, up to 9% of the total grant amount.


JSDF project proposals under the Emergency Window respond to JSDF key program criteria:


Ø  Target and Respond to the Needy, providing direct benefits to the poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged groups with rapid results for improved livelihood.

Ø  Support Community-Driven Development by Empowering the Poor at the local community level, to participate in society and government and to affect their development and learning by doing.

Ø  Engage NGOs/CSOs or Local Cooperatives/Community Associations, or Local Governments as Implementing Agencies which are close to the beneficiaries and where they have a say in their development.

Ø  Build Capacity through special capacity building grants to strengthen communities and their associations to participate in decisions that affect their lives, as well as strengthening the capacity of their local governments and local NGOs/CSOs to provide services.

Ø  Pilot Alternative Innovative Approaches or Partnerships engaging NGOs/CSOs, community associations, or local governments as implementing agencies to reach the target groups not reached by other programs.

Ø  Reflect a Participatory Design and consultation process with the targeted beneficiaries who endorse the grant activities.

Ø  Utilize Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation to help beneficiaries address their vulnerability and to ensure ownership and sustainability

Ø  Encourage Sustainability through Scale-Up of pilot at completion through Bank-financed operations, recipient government activities, or other entities.


Seed Fund grant may be used to support the consultation process with the beneficiaries during the JSDF project preparation process. Please refer to the tab on the Seed Fund application to find out more about the Seed Fund.


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