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2012 JSDF Annual Report

JSDF AR 2011 CoverThis Report highlights the important role that JSDF continues to play during what are difficult times for many of the poor and most vulnerable in our client countries. From the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami to the food, fuel and financial crises in 2009, and despite Japan’s own recent earthquake in 2011, the Government of Japan continues its commitment to catalyze development opportunities through the JSDF. As you will see in the FY12 Annual Report, JSDF has an active portfolio of 106 grants worth a total of $245 million and a total disbursement of $98 million.

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A Call to Dignity

How Indonesia's Women-headed Household Empowerment Program (PEKKA) is transforming lives and changing development paradigms

PEKKA This book takes an in-depth look at the amazing PEKKA story, as well as detailing organizational and group structures, processes, and outcomes. The book also shares some of the rich personal tales of the women whose lives have been changed by PEKKA.

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Hope and Solidarity

Messages of support to the People of Japan from friends around the world who have been supported by the Japan Social Development Fund.

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JSDF Marks its 10th Anniversary

JSDF Day Event - January 19th 2011

Nigeria WISEThis major event, held in the Headquarters of the World Bank in Washington aimed to highlight the many successes of the JSDF and share the many lessons that have emerged over the past decade. Like the JSDF itself, the event was an opportunity to hear many voices - the practitioners, NGO partners and those who have benefited from JSDF support.

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Coming Home

Building Post-conflict Communities in Senegal

SenegalIn 2003, after two decades of fighting for independence, the conflict in the Casamance, in Southern Senegal finally came to an end. Tens of thousand of people who had been driven from their villages returned home. In an effort to support the restoration of normal social and economic activity, a JSDF grant was provided to allow the communities to re-build.

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A Future without Child Labor

Pioneering a Comprehensive Approach to Child Development in Egypt

In many countries in the Middle East and North Africa Region children remain active participants in the labor market, risking their education, health and social integration. A pilot project financed by the JSDF, and seen as a regional best practice, developed a successful and holistic approach to the elimination of this problem.

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Community-Driven Development

Unleashing the Power of Rural Communities in Sri Lanka

SriLankaThe Village Self-Help Learning Initiative Pilot sought to empower vulnerable groups such as women, youth and farmers to make effective decisions, to plan and implement programs and manage their own funds through participatory development and partnership betwen villagers, the state and civil society. Based on the success of the pilot a program was developed (known locally as "Gemi Diriya") that now serves over 1000 villages and has produced remarkable results, notably in access to credit and improved infrastructure.

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Building Local Capacity for Pro-poor Development in Tamil Nadu

TamilNaduIndia amended it constitution in the early 1990 to strengthen decentralization and local governance. In support of the efforts of the state government of Tamil Nadu, a JSDF project has piloted new approaches to service delivery - which put villagers in charge of their own development. The successful project, which introduced new income opportunities, strengthened village governance (Panchayats) and community-driven approaches was able to work in parallel with World Bank project to adopt and scale up successful innovations.

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Early Childhood Care and Development

A pro-minority, multi-disciplinary approach impacts the ethnic poor in remote communities of Vietnam

Vietnam The JSDF provided a $1.8million grant to support a pilot project for early childhood care and development in Vietnam's three poorest provinces. A first of its kind, the Project effectively expanded both the supply and demand for preschool education and services. Enrollment rates rose by up to 50% and there were significant improvements in health status and family awareness of the importance of education.

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Over 10 Years Empowering the Poorest

Since 2000, the Government of Japan has provided over $625 million to the JSDF, approving 444 grants totalling $577 million.

A list of projects is available in the Annex to the most recent Annual Report (FY2012)