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Guidelines for Climate Change Grants

Effective FY09, this grant window has been closed for new proposals.

The purpose of these grants is to support a holistic approach to climate change in the recipient country.

To be eligible for PHRD Climate Change grants, the proposals must comply with the following criteria:

  • Proposals must be linked to Bank-financed operations supported by the Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF), the BioCarbon Fund (BCF), and the Global Environment Fund (GEF), or other environmental funds managed by the World Bank.
  • Grants must be recipient executed.
  • The maximum grant amount is US$1.0 million.
Expenditures which are eligible for financing under this grant are:
  • Consultant services.
  • Goods, works and operating costs.
Expenditures which are ineligible for financing under this grant are:
  • Foreign training, study tours outside the country.
Separate operating guidelines are in place for Climate Change Initiatives grants. 

Eligible grant activities:

Blue TrangleClimate vulnerability and impact assessments.

Blue TrangleTA to integrate climate change into development plans and increase local awareness of the need to improve energy efficiency and promote renewable energy to mitigate effects of climate change.

Blue TrangleAnalysis of GHG emissions; development of GHG abatement measures.

Blue TrangleDevelopment of measures to enforce national air pollution standards.

Blue TrangleNational Energy Environmental Reviews.

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