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Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)


imageCreated in May 2002 by a consortium of NGOs, foundations, donors, scientists, and UN Agencies, led by the GATES foundation, GAIN's mission is to reduce malnutrition through the use of food fortification and other strategies aimed at improving the health and nutrition of populations at risk.  GAIN has set itself the target of reaching 1 billion people by 2008.  The longer term target is to reach the estimated 2 billion people across the globe suffering from nutritional deficiencies.  The Bank serves as trustee for a GAIN Trust Fund, because of the Bank's reputation in development finance and its leadership in nutrition and involvement in the creation of GAIN.  The Bank administers five national fortification projects on behalf of GAIN, in Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Morocco, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.  The Bank also maintains an ex-officio seat on the GAIN Board.

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Meera Shekar
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The World Bank
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