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Population & Reproductive Health Capacity Building Program (PRH)


imageThe PRH program aims to build the capacity of organizations and agencies working in the sensitive fields of population and reproductive health (RH), leading to healthier behavior at the individual and community levels, reducing the impoverishing effects of poor reproductive health, and improving reproductive and maternal health outcomes. The PRH program has three main dimensions: (i) on-granting through international intermediaries with links to grassroots groups world-wide, and support for the development of networks; (ii) support to operations research leading to the development of cost-effective interventions and protocols; and (iii) support to organizations active in technology and information transfer to community levels. The beneficiaries are mainly women and adolescents in rural and peri-urban settings, through the organizations in which they participate or from whose activities they benefit. There is a special emphasis on reaching communities underserved by government agencies. The program's range is global, with a particular focus on Africa and South Asia. The PRH program supports innovative ways to stimulate and sustain local responses to population and reproductive health by providing grants to NGOs and Networks working to: (i) increase access to and choice in family planning and other reproductive health services; (ii) reduce maternal mortality and morbidity; (iii) promote the health of adolescents; and (iv) reduce harmful health practices such as female genital mutilation.  PRH is funded through a Development Grant Facility.

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