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Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC)


imageThis partnership is designed to provide global leadership in making essential Reproductive Health (RH) products available to developing and transitional countries. Established in 2004, the coalition members include members composed of multi-lateral organizations, institutional donors, NGOs, Foundations and the private sector. The Coalition serves as a forum for members to share priorities and perspectives and develop joint strategies and activities dedicated to ensuring that people in lower and middle income (LMI) countries can obtain and use high-quality reproductive health (RH) supplies, including a broad range of contraceptive methods. Securing RH supplies is essential to the effective provision of RH care.
The partnership has three goals:
1. Increased the availability, predictability, and sustainability of financing RH supplies
2. Strengthen the capacity of health systems to deliver RH supplies in a sustainable manner, and
3. Assure the added value of the coalition as a productive and sustainable global partnership through support for efficiency, advocacy and innovation.
The RHSC has indirectly or directly provided access to critical data on 50% of the donor funded shipments though the RHInterchange. Through its “countries at risk” coordination mechanism, the members have helped in averting stock outs in several countries. Other activities Other activities include the coalition members working together on advocating for reproductive health in the achievement of the health MDGs, including contraceptive security in PRSPs, and working with the governments to include a budget line-item for contraceptives. The strength of each of the partners has made these activities a success both at the country and global level.

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