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PER Guide - Acknowledgements

PER Guide: Acknowledgements

These tools for analyzing public expenditures in HD sectors are part of a larger process to improve the treatment of human development issues in PRSCs, PERs, development policy lending and other cross-sectoral or macroeconomic analyses.

The revision of the PER guidance was initiated by Maureen Lewis when she was Interim Chief Economist HD. Gunilla Pettersson undertook the update of the PER guidance. Many thanks to the following people for providing insight into the PER process and useful comments on how to improve the existing guidance: Cristian Aedo, Christian Bodewig, Jim Brumby, Pablo Gottret, Margaret Grosh, Robin Horn, Harry Patrinos, Christine Lao Pena, Stephane Legros, Maureen Lewis, Mattias Lundberg, Cem Mete, Montserrat Pallares-Miralles, Suhas Parandekar, Emilio Porta, Pia Schneider, Lars Sondergaard, Emil Tesliuc, and Erwin Tiongson.

The original PER guidance was launched in 2004 and led by Maureen Lewis, managed by Sue Berryman and carried out by Dina Abu-Ghaida and Sue Berryman (education), Dov Chernichovsky and Mattias Lundberg (health) and Margaret Grosh (social protection).

A steering committee comprised of Anil Deolalikar, William Dorotinsky, Benoit Millot, Elizabeth King, Laura Frigenti, Marito Garcia, Michelle Riboud, Mukesh Chawla and Anand Rajaram guided the work.

The education materials benefited from the comments and suggestions of Regina Bendokat, Barbara Bruns, Luis Crouch, Deon Filmer, Ariel Fiszbein, Beth King, Marlaine Lockheed, Benoit Millot and Suhas Parandekar.

The health materials benefited greatly from helpful inputs from Daniel Cress, Pablo Gottrert, Jeffrey Hammer, Robert Hecht, Oscar Picazo and George Schieber.

The social protection materials benefited from the comments and work of Gordon Betcherman, Maitreyi Das, Hans Hoogeveen, Anita Schwarz, Emil Tesliuc, Gillette Hall, Ariel Fiszbein, Indermit Gill, Setareh Razmara and Xiaoqing Yu. Peer reviewers were Lorraine Blank, Louise Fox and Kathy Lindert.

The HD Council reviewed and discussed the PER Guidance draft and endorsed its approach, content and purpose. Any shortcomings remain those of the authors.


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