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SIEF's Governance Structure

HDN: Spanish - World Bank Trust Fund for Impact Evaluation and Results-based Management in Human Development Sectors (SIEF)

The program is managed by the HDN Chief Economist’s office. The SIEF team is made up by the Program Manager, Laura Rawlings, and a core team of Paloma Acevedo, Carlos Asenjo, Sebastian Martinez, Patrick Premand and Adam Ross.

A high-level World Bank-Spain Steering Committee co-chaired by the Vice President HDN and Ms. Soraya Rodriguez, Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation meets annually to approve the recommended work program and to provide strategic guidance on priorities for the following year.


Funding decisions are made by a Technical Committee appointed by the HDN Vice President. The Committee members include: Ariel Fiszbein (Chief Economist, Chair), Shantayanan Devarajan, Emmanuel Jimenez, Elishabeth King, Tamar Manuelyan Antic, Harold Alderman and Laura Rawlings (SIEF Program Manager). TC members recuse themselves from funding decisions on any evaluations they are involved in.

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