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Impact Evaluation in Practice

Impact Evaluation in Practice: A New Guide


Impact Evaluation in Practice by Paul J. Gertler, Sebastian Martinez, Patrick Premand, Laura B. Rawlings, Christel M. J. Vermeersch is available for purchase

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Impact Evaluation in Practice presents a non-technical overview of how to design and use impact evaluation to build more effective programs to alleviate poverty and improve people’s lives. The goal is to further the ability of policymakers and practitioners to use impact evaluations to help make policy decisions based on evidence of what works the most effectively

The book is accompanied by a set of training material -- including videos and power point presentations -- developed for the “Turning Promises to Evidence” workshop series of the Office of the Chief Economist for Human Development.

"If more practitioners and policy makers read this handbook, we will have better policies and results in many countries.” -Gonzalo Hernández Licona, Executive Secretary, National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL), Mexico.

The book was made possible thanks to support from the Spanish Impact Evaluation Fund.

Impact Evaluation workshop series: “Turning Promises to Evidence”

Part I: Introduction to Impact Evaluation
Why Evaluate? Chapter 1 PPT Link
Determining Evaluation Questions Chapter 2 PPT Link
Part II: How to Evaluate?
Causal Inference and Counterfactuals Chapter 3
PPT Link
Randomized Assignment Chapter 4.1
PPT Link
Randomized Promotion Chapter 4.2
PPT Link
Regression Discontinuity Design Chapter 5
PPT Link
Difference- in- Differences Chapter 6
PPT Link
Matching Chapter 7
PPT Link
Combining Methods Chapter 8
Evaluating Multifaceted Programs Chapter 9
Part III: How to Implement an Impact Evaluation
Operationalizing the Impact Evaluation Design Chapter 10
PPT Link
Choosing the Sample Chapter 11
PPT Link
Collecting the Data Chapter 12
Producing and Disseminating Findings Chapter 13
- -


Integrating Impact Evaluation into Decision Making: The Mexico Experience PPT Video
Addressing Gaps in Education PPT -
Impact Evaluation of Results Based Financing in Health PPT -
Global Evidence on Public Works Programs PPT -
Active Labor Market Policies for Youth PPT -
Conditional Cash Transfers, Learning from Evaluations PPT -
Causal Inference and Counterfactuals PPT
Randomized Assignment PPT
Randomized Promotion PPT
Regression Discontinuity Design PPT
Difference- in- Differences PPT
Matching PPT

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