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Spanish impact Evaluation Fund (SIEF)

HDN: Spanish - World Bank Trust Fund for Impact Evaluation and Results-based Management in Human Development Sectors (SIEF)

The Spanish Trust Fund for Impact Evaluation, which closed in June 2012, was a €10.4 million program ($13.75 million) funded by Spain with a $1.5 million grant from Britain. The goal of the five-year trust fund was to support the World Bank in evaluating the impact of innovative programs to improve people’s lives through better health, education, and social assistance programs. The Spanish Fund has financed impact evaluations in 37 eligible countries across all developing regions, conducted training for policymakers and researchers, and disseminated results through a variety of publications and meetings.

Given the current economic background, improving aid effectiveness and promoting results-based management in Spanish agencies, and in partner with developing countries, is increasingly important. The Spanish Trust Fund advanced global knowledge on "what works" to promote the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and other key human development goals. The trust fund also built the capacity of developing countries, World Bank staff, and Spanish and other development partner agency staff to carry out rigorous impact evaluations and effectively utilize the results.

The Spanish Trust Fund has been supporting impact evaluation through three pillars:

  • Impact Evaluations of Priority Programs

The bulk of the Spanish Trust Fund resources was used to fund impact evaluations of priority programs designed to improve human development outcomes. Funding for evaluations was allocated through three separate windows: Cluster Fund, Innovation Fund, and Quick Wins Fund.

  • Regional Workshops on Impact Evaluation

The Spanish Trust Fund supported 17 field-based Impact Evaluation workshops per year to build staff, client, and donor capacity for measuring results, evaluating impact, and using evaluation evidence for policy.

  • Results Dissemination

One of the main purposes of the Spanish Trust Fund was to promote dissemination and knowledge sharing on effective impact evaluation strategies and on the results achieved in programs addressing human development challenges.

Dissemination included a monthly policy note that reviewed research and its relevance for policymakers.

The Spanish Trust Fund, as well as the new multi donor Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund, was managed by the Human Development Network Chief Economist’s office. Evaluations were conducted by joint teams of World Bank (or outside consultant) research staff and regional task teams responsible for the programs being evaluated.

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