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Impact Evaluation Cluster: Early Childhood Development

SIEF - Spanish Impact Evaluation Fund

SIEF - Impact Evaluation - Early Childhood DevelopmentGiving children a good start in life means supporting early childhood development. Proper nutrition and mental stimulation, along with good maternal health, have a significant impact on a child's long-term physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Without the right care in the first five years of life, a child's health, education and future earnings potential can be severely disadvantaged, making it more likely that a child who grows up in poverty will remain in poverty as an adult. Finding viable and low-cost program options to support early childhood development is critical.

Questions we hope the evaluations will help answer include:

  • What is the best combination of cognitive stimulation, early nutrition and health interventions for improving children's health and physical and cognitive achievement? And how much does this matter for school readiness?
  • What is the best way to ensure these early childhood development interventions are delivered effectively?
  • What program alternatives, such as parental enrichment, or community and center-based early childhood intervention are most effective? And what are the complementarities across these different models?

Impact Evaluations

Cambodia: Evaluation of Cambodia’s Fast Track Initiative for Early Childhood Development program sought to gauge the effectiveness of building preschool classrooms, providing home based programs, and upgrading primary schools in disadvantaged areas. Evaluation report pending.

Chile: Evaluation of Chile’s Nadie es Perfecto program sought to assess whether structured parenting programs improved parenting practices, reduced parental stress, and enhance childhood development. Evaluation report pending.

Mozambique: Evaluation of Mozambique’s Early Childhood Development program sought to assess the effectiveness of preschool education on primary school children’s education, health, and general welfare in 30 selected communities.

Nicaragua: The evaluation of Nicaragua’s Atencion a Crisis pilot program sought to measure the effectiveness of providing parenting workshops to parents of children aged zero to six on early education, nutrition, and the development of cognitive skills.

Jamaica: The evaluation of Jamaica’s Culturally Relevant Group Parenting programs sought to assess the effectiveness of providing parents with information on pregnancy, care-giving, and early childhood development.

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