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Impact Evaluation Cluster: Education

SIEF - Spanish Impact Evaluation Fund

SIEF - Impact Evaluation - EducationSchool systems in developing countries often fail to deliver quality primary education to poor children. More than100 million children either don't start or don't finish primary school, while even children who do graduate may be functionally illiterate and unable to do basic math. Policymakers are exploring options to empower schools, teachers and parents to improve education quality. Rigorous evaluation will help identify the most effective strategies.

Questions we hope the evaluations will help answer include:

  • Does school-based management improve service delivery and learning outcomes?
  • Does providing parents with better information about school quality, rights, and responsibilities have an impact on school performance?
  • Can the use of contract teachers improve access to schooling and student learning?
  • Can linking teachers' pay to performance improve student learning?

Impact Evaluations

Brazil: The evaluation of Brazil’s School Employees Performance Reform program sought to measure the effectiveness of paying teachers bonuses linked to performance as a way to raise student test scores. Evaluation report pending.

Nepal: The evaluation of Nepal’s Community School Support Project sought to measure the effectiveness of devolving school management to the community level on increasing enrollment and retention rates and on improving teacher quality and the learning environment.

Mexico: The evaluation of Mexico’s Parental Empowerment Program sought to assess the effectiveness of giving more resources to parents’ associations in rural areas as a way to increase parental participation, boost school attendance and improve academic achievement.

Liberia: The evaluation of Liberia’s Teacher Training and Early Grade Reading program sought to gauge the effectiveness of disseminating information about students’ reading ability to teachers and of giving teachers additional training as a way to improve students’ reading test scores.

India: The evaluation of India’s Teachers’ Incentives Program sought to determine the effect on student scores of either paying teachers bonuses based on improved test scores or providing additional teachers and school supplies. The evaluation was reported in The Economist.

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