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Impact Evaluation Cluster: Malaria Control

SIEF - Spanish Impact Evaluation Fund

SIEF - Impact Evaluation - Malaria ControlEradicating malaria requires developing new methods to ensure that people in at-risk countries use best practices to avoid infection, while helping those who are infected get access to the right treatments. Policymakers in many countries are considering what sort of public-private partnerships, subsidies and community involvement works best to encourage people to use anti-malaria nets and make drug therapies available to people who need it at a price they can afford. Impact evaluations are designed to help them find the most effective strategies.

Questions we hope the evaluations will help answer include:

  • How effective are Long-Lasting Insecticide-Treated Nets and anti-malarial medications in decreasing incidences of malaria?
  • What are the most effective delivery mechanisms for providing nets and timely disease treatment?
  • What is the impact of public-private partnerships on the delivery of anti-malarial services?
  • What impact does malaria control have on education outcomes?

Impact Evaluations

Kenya: The evaluation of Kenya’s malaria prevention project sought to measure the effectiveness of intermittent preventive treatment on malaria rates to determine whether such treatment could increase school attendance and improve academic achievement. Results were published in the The Lancet, Malaria Journal and Trials Journal. Evaluation report pending.

Zambia: The evaluation of Zambia’s Access to ACT Initiative sought to measure the effectiveness of redesigning the prescription drug distribution system to determine effective ways to speed up the public sector drug supply chain. Evaluation report pending.

India: The evaluation of India’s National Vector Borne Disease Control Program sought to assess the effectiveness of early diagnosis of the disease on prevention and treatment outcomes in 100 districts with a high prevalence of malaria. Evaluation report pending.

Nigeria: The evaluation of Nigeria’s Community-Directed Interventions and Private Sector Approaches to Malaria Control sought to measure how effective training community volunteers and small private drug distributors in treatment and diagnostics was in decreasing the incidents of malaria. Evaluation report pending.

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