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Impact Evaluation Cluster: Pay for Performance in Health

SIEF - Spanish Impact Evaluation Fund

SIEF - Impact Evaluation - Pay for Performance in HealthPoor health outcomes are often due to a lack of appropriate medical services. Health care providers may be poorly trained or in short supply, clinics far away, and medical equipment and drugs lacking. Given the limits on public budgets and human resources, governments need cost-effective ways to ensure delivery of quality medical care. Pay-for-performance contracts are intended to motivate better patient outcomes by tying provider payments to specific targets for quality and quantity of medical care. Impact evaluation studies are useful to understand how to structure pay-for-performance programs to best boost health outcomes.

Questions we hope the evaluations will help answer include:

  • How does the introduction of case-based payment for patient services impact the quality and performance of county hospitals?
  • What pay-for-performance schemes increase the quantity and quality of services provided? And what improvements in health results can be expected?

Impact Evaluations

Argentina: The evaluation of Argentina’s maternal health program sought to assess the use of incentives to improve delivery of healthcare services and the quality of care given to pregnant women and children from zero to six years of age. Evaluation report pending.

Benin: The evaluation sought to determine whether results-based financing was effective in providing better maternal health. Evaluation report pending.

China: The evaluation sought to gauge the effectiveness of specific payment reforms to healthcare providers in eight provinces in rural China and whether they resulted in better care for patients. Evaluation report pending.

India: The evaluation sought to measure the effectiveness of health camps provided by hospitals and local NGOs on increasing the level of usage of a government-subsidized health insurance program.

Rwanda: The evaluation sought to determine the effectiveness of performance-based contracting schemes for general health and HIV/AIDS services on the quality of healthcare given to HIV/AIDS patients and the general population. The results were published in The Lancet medical journal.

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