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Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network

PREM contributes to the design of global and country policies and the building of institutions to achieve inclusive growth in developing countries. Contact us.
We help countries accelerate poverty reduction and develop
strategies that are country-owned and results-oriented. More »
We produce policy and analytical work in the areas of growth,
fiscal policy, strategic debt, and regional development. More »
We help governments build efficient and accountable public institutions, create foundations for good governance, and fight corruption. More »
We help developing countries improve their global competitiveness and promote a world trading system that supports development. More »
We promote equality of opportunity for women and men and foster women's economic empowerment in productive sectors. More »

Food Prices on the Rise Again

Oil, weather help push global index up 8% since December, putting poor people at greater risk. Report  |  Video  |  Q&A transcript  |  News release

Labor Market Recovery Continues

In a sample of developing countries, the jobs picture improved despite sluggish GDP growth. Report | Blog | LIVE Panel Webcast | PDF

Growth That Lifts Everyone

New book puts structural reform at the core of the debate on how to make economic growth more inclusive. Learn more | Preview | Presentation

Connecting to Compete

Countries pursuing aggressive trade-logistics reforms have benefited more than most amid recession. More » | Logistics Performance Index data

Book Launch: Global Regrowth

Video: Panelists discuss Ascent After Decline and global recovery.
Web Q&A transcripts in English and Spanish | Read the book

Economic Premise

Each issue summarizes good practices and key findings related to economic policy. LATEST ISSUE

Natural Capital and the Resource Curse

Does abundant natural wealth really undercut growth and exacerbate inequality? PAST ISSUES
Reducing Distortions in Commodity Markets
Why Cargo Dwell Time Matters in Trade


Growth and Crisis

Latin America Bucks the Trend

Over past decade, LAC region has seen reductions in both poverty and inequality. More blogs
Migration, Taxation and Inequality
Feeding the Poor: Shifting Food Within and Across Borders

Featured Publication

Ascent After Decline The global economic recovery has lost steam. Can we grow again?

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