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The PREM network seeks to expand the knowledge base that leads to a better design of policies promoting shared economic growth.

Rents to RichesAscent After Decline: Regrowing Global Economies After the Great Recession
Edited by Otaviano Canuto and Danny Leipziger, February 2012

Are emerging markets still capable of saving the global economy? What can the industrialized world do to help ensure that robust global growth is restored? What is the role of government in bringing the world economy back on track? More than a dozen distinguished contributors scan the economic horizon, spell out the new fiscal reality, and highlight the policy choices on which economic regrowth will depend.. Read more

Rents to RichesRents to Riches?: The Political Economy of Natural Resource-Led Development
By Naazneen Barma, Kai Kaiser, Tuan Minh Le and Lorena Vinuela, January 2012

Rents to Riches? focuses on the political economy of the detailed decisions that governments make at each step of the natural resource management (nrm) value chain. Many resource-dependent developing countries pursue seemingly shortsighted and suboptimal policies when extracting, taxing, and investing resource rents. Read more

Knowing When You Do Not KnowKnowing When You Do Not Know: Simulating the Poverty and Distributional Impacts of an Economic Crisis
Edited by Ambar Narayan and Carolina Sanchez, January 2012

Economists have long sought to predict how macroeconomic shocks will affect individual welfare. Macroeconomic data and forecasts are easily available when crises strike. But policy action requires not only understanding the magnitude of a macro shock, but also identifying which households or individuals are being hurt by (or benefit from) the crisis. Read more

Routledge Handbook of DemocracyRoutledge Handbook of Democratization
Chapter on Central Asia by Verena Fritz, December 2011

This exciting new handbook provides a global overview of the process of democratization, offering chapter by chapter discussion at both the country and regional levels and examining the interaction between the domestic and external factors that affect the progression of countries from authoritarian to democratic rule. Read more

Kenya Economic ReportKenya Economic Update: Navigating the Storm, Delivering the Promise (PDF)
By Jane Kiringai, Aurélien Kruse, John Randa, Kathy Whimp and Wolfgang Fengler, December 2011

Kenya is entering a decisive year. Kenya’s policy makers will need to display tremendous skill and steadfast leadership in order to balance the need for fiscal prudence, with ensuring that resource flows to new local governments are sufficient to meet their needs. Read more

drought and food crisisThe Drought and Food Crisis in the Horm of Africa: Impacts and Proposed Policy Responses for Kenya (PDF)
By Kenya Country Office supervised by Wolfgang Fengler and Humberto Lopez, September 2011

This policy note provides an assessment of some of the impacts and proposed policy responses to problems related to the drought, including the rise in food prices. Read more

special economic zonesSpecial Economic Zones: Progress, Emerging Challenges, and Future Directions
Edited by Thomas Farole & Gokhan Akinci, September 2011 

For countries as diverse as China and Mauritius, Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have been a powerful tool to attract foreign investment, promote export-oriented growth, and generate employment; for many others, the results have been less than encouraging. Read more

yes africa can coverYes, Africa Can: Success Stories from a Dynamic Continent
Edited by Punam Chuhan-Pole and Manka Angwafo, July 2011 

Drawing on the existing knowledge of African development from previous publications, Yes Africa Can: Success Stories from a Dynamic Continent takes an in-depth look at 26 economic and social development successes in Sub-Saharan African countries -- twenty from individual countries and six that cut across the region. Read more

preferential tradePreferential Trade Agreements: Policies for Development
By Jean-Pierre Chauffour & Jean-Christophe Maur, June 2011

This book offers an introduction into the world of modern preferential trade agreements. It goes beyond the traditional paradigm of trade creation versus trade diversion to address the economic and legal aspects of the regulatory policies that are contained in today‘s PTAs. Read more
from farm to firmFrom Farm to Firm: Rural-Urban Transition in Developing Countries
By Nora Dudwick, Katy Hull, Roy Katayama, Forhad Shilpi, and Kenneth Simler, June 2011

This report investigates the rural-urban transformation underway in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, emphasizing the influence of country conditions as well as the potential of good policies to minimize disparities and ensure that everyone shares in the benefits of urbanization. Read more
trade financeTrade Finance During the Great Collapse
By Jean-Pierre Chauffour and Mariem Malouche, June 2011

This book examines whether the availability and cost of trade finance was a major constraint on trade during the 2008-09 global economic crisis and the underpinnings and limits of national and international public interventions in support of trade finance markets in times of crisis. Read more
curbing fraudCurbing Fraud, Corruption, and Collusion in the Roads Sector (PDF)
By Richard Messick, et. al., June 2011

This report explores how the World Bank and developing nations can reduce losses from collusion in procurement and fraud and corruption in contract execution. Read more
kenya econ updateKenya Economic Update: Turning the Tide in Turbulent Times
By Jane Kiringai, Wolfgang Fengler, et. al., June 2011

The fourth edition of the Kenya Economic Update argues that if Kenya can navigate another tough economy in 2011 and accelerate growth, it can reach Middle Income Status by 2019. Read more

book cover - connecting landlocked developing countries to marketsLeveraging Migration for Africa: Remittances, Skills, and Investments
By Dilip Ratha, Sanket Mohapatra, Caglar Ozden, Sonia Plaza, William Shaw and Abede Shimeles, May 2011

Leveraging Migration for Africa is the first comprehensive publication on harnessing migration, remittances, and other diaspora resources for the development of Africa. Read more

book cover - connecting landlocked developing countries to marketsDiaspora for Development in Africa
Edited by Sonia Plaza & Dilip Ratha, May 2011

The diaspora of developing countries can be a potent force for development through remittances, but also through the promotion of trade, investment, and knowledge and technology transfers. Read more

book coverFinancial Management Information Systems: 25 Years of World Bank Experience on What Works and What Doesn’t
By Cem Dener, Joanna Alexandra Watkins, and William Leslie Dorotinsky, April 2011

Prepared as an updated and expanded version of the FMIS review report drafted in 2003, this book highlights the achievements and challenges observed during the design and implementation of Bank-funded FMIS projects since 1984. The primary audience for this report includes the World Bank task teams, government officials and other specialists involved in FMIS projects. Read more

book coverManaging Openness: Trade and Outward-Oriented Growth after the Crisis
Edited by Mona Haddad and Ben Shepherd, March 2011

The global financial crisis triggered a broad reassessment of economic integration policies in developed and developing countries worldwide. The crisis-induced collapse in trade was the sharpest ever since World War II, affecting all countries and all product categories. This book aims to contribute to this important and ongoing policy debate, bringing together recent empirical work on the trade collapse, its causes and consequences, and the broader trade policy agenda in the post-crisis environment. Read more

book coverThe Day After Tomorrow: A Handbook on the Future of Economic Policy in the Developing World
by Otaviano Canuto and Marcelo Giugale, September 2010

While the rich world puts its house in order, developing countries are becoming a new engine of global growth and a pulling force for advanced economies, says a new book by World Bank economists. According to the book, almost half of global growth is currently coming from developing countries. As a group, it is projected that their economic size will surpass that of their developed peers in 2015. Read more

Other Titles
Identification of Sources of Variation in Poverty Outcomes (PDF)
By B. Essama-Nssah, January 2012
Effects of the 2008–09 Economic Crisis on Labor Markets in Mexico (PDF)
By Samuel Freije, Gladys López-Acevedo and Eduardo Rodríguez-Oreggia, October 2011 
The Adolescent Girls Initiative: An Alliance for Economic Empowerment (PDF)
By Ursula Casabonne, Trine Lunde, Liliana Longo and Sarah Nedolast, September 2011
Equality of Opportunities, Redistribution and Fiscal Policies: The Case of Liberia (PDF)
By Ana Abras and Jose Cuesta, September 2011 
Harnessing Diasporas
By Dilip Ratha and Sonia Plaza, September 2011 
Enabling Open Government 
By Anupama Dokeniya, September 2011 
Lasting Welfare Effects of Widowhood in a Poor Country (PDF)
By Dominique van de Walle, August 2011 
Does a Picture Paint a Thousand Words? Evidence from a Microcredit Marketing Experiment
By Xavier Giné, Ghazala Mansuri and Mario Picón, July 2011 
The Effects of Conflict on Fertility in Rwanda (PDF)
By Kati Schindler and Tilman Brück, July 2011 
Adjusting the Labor Supply to Mitigate Violent Shocks Evidence from Rural Colombia (PDF)
By Manuel Fernández, Ana María Ibáñez and Ximena Peña, July 2011 
Measuring Performance in Public Debt Management: Key Findings from the Debt Management Performance Assessment (PDF)
By Abha Prasad and Malvina Pollock, July 2011 
Mixtures of g-priors for Bayesian Model Averaging with Economic Application (PDF)
By Eduardo Ley and Mark F.J. Steel, July 2011 
Civil Society, Public Action and Accountability in Africa (PDF)
By Shantayanan Devarajan, Stuti Khemani and Michael Walton, July 2011 
Stress Testing in the Debt Sustainability Framework (DSF) for Low-Income Countries (PDF)
By François Painchaud & Tihomir Stuèka, June 2011
International Harmonization of Product Standards and Firm Heterogeneity in International Trade (PDF)
By José-Daniel Reyes, June 2011
Labor Market Transitions and Social Security in Colombia (PDF)
By Jose Cuesta and Camilo Bohórquez, June 2011
How Do Ex Ante Simulations Compare with Ex Post Evaluations? Evidence from the Impact of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs (PDF)
By Phillippe Leite, Ambar Narayan and Emmanuel Skoufias, June 2011
Together We Will: Experimental Evidence on Female Voting Behavior in Pakistan (PDF)
By Xavier Giné and Ghazala Mansuri, June 2011
Crossing Boundaries: Gender, Caste and Schooling in Rural Pakistan (PDF)
By Hanan G. Jacoby and Ghazala Mansuri, June 2011
Using Pseudo-Panels to Measure Income Mobility in Latin America
By Jose Cuesta, Hugo Opo and Georgina Pizzolitto, June 2011

Remittance Markets in Africa
By Sanket Mohapatra & Dilip Ratha, May 2011

Is It What You Inherited or What You Learnt? Intergenerational Linkage and Interpersonal Inequality in Senegal (PDF)
By Sylvie Lambert, Martin Ravallion, and Dominique van de Walle, May 2011

Surveying Businesses on Tax Compliance Costs (PDF)
By Gregory Kisunko, Jacqueline Coolidge, and Domagoj Ilic, April 2011

Tax Perception and Compliance Cost Surveys: A Tool for Tax Reform (PDF)
By Gregory Kisunko, Jacqueline Coolidge, and Domagoj Ilic, April 2011

Connecting Landlocked Developing Countries to Markets: Trade Corridors in the 21st Century
By Jean-Francois Arvis, Graham Smith, and Robin Carruthers, April 2011

The Poverty Impacts of Climate Change: A Review of the Evidence (PDF)
By Emmanuel Skoufias, Mariano Rabassa, and Sergio Olivieri, April 2011

Estimating the Short-Run Poverty Impacts of the 2010-11 Surge in Food Prices (PDF)
By Maros Ivanic, Will Martin, and Hassan Zaman, April 2011

Political Economy Assessments at Sector and Project Levels (PDF)
By Alice Poole, April 2011

Food Insecurity and Public Agricultural Spending in Bolivia: Putting Money Where Your Mouth Is? (PDF)
By Jose Cuesta, Svetlana Edmeades and Lucia Madrigal, March 2011

Electoral Accountability, Fiscal Decentralization and Service Delivery in Indonesia (PDF)
By Emmanuel Skoufias, Ambar Narayan, Basab Dasgupta and Kai Kaiser, March 2011

Too Little Too Late: Welfare Impacts of Rainfall Shocks in Rural Indonesia (PDF)
By Emmanuel Skoufias, B. Essama-Nssah and Roy Katayama, March 2011

The Resource Curse in MENA: Resource Wealth, Economic Shocks, and Conflict Risk (PDF)
By Kai Kaiser, March 2011

The Practice of Policy-Making in the OECD: Ideas for Latin America (PDF)
By Fernando Rojas, Mariano Lafuente, et al., March 2011

Food Prices and Rural Poverty (PDF)
By M. Ataman Aksoy and Bernard M. Hoekman, February 2011
Recognizing and Reducing Corruption Risks in Land Management in Vietnam (PDF)
February 2011 
Survey Report on Information Disclosure of Land Management Regulations (PDF)
By Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Nguyen Duc Nhat, Tran Thanh Thuy, Kirby Prickett and Phan Thi Van, February 2011
Investing in Public Investment: An Index of Public Investment Efficiency (PDF)
By Era Dabla-Norris, Jim Brumby, Annette Kyobe, Zac Mills and Chris Papageorgiou, February 2011
Trends in Corruption and Regulatory Burden in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (PDF)
February 2011
Special Economic Zones in Africa: Comparing Performance and Learning from Global Experiences
By Thomas Farole, February 2011
An Empirical Investigation of the Nexus Among Money Balances, Commodity Prices and Consumer Goods' Prices (PDF)
By Francesco Grigoli, January 2011
Determinants and Dynamics of Schooling and Child Labor in Bolivia (PDF)
By Francesco Grigoli and Giacomo Sbrana, January 2011
On Gender and Growth: The Role of Intergenerational Health Externalities and Women’s Occupational Constraints (PDF)
By Pierre-Richard Agénor, Otaviano Canuto and Luiz Pereira da Silva, January 2011
Diamonds are Not Forever: Botswana Medium-Term Fiscal Sustainability (PDF)
By Naoko Kojo, January 2011
Logistics in Lagging Regions: Overcoming Local Barriers to Global Connectivity
By Charles Kunaka, January 2011
Show Me the Money: Leveraging Anti–Money Laundering Tools to Fight Corruption in Nigeria (PDF)
By Nuhu Ribadu, January 2011

Asset Recovery Handbook: A Guide for Practitioners (PDF)
By Jean-Pierre Brun, Larissa Gray, Clive Scott and Kevin Stephenson, January 2011

Challenges in Monitoring and Evaluation: an Opportunity to Institutionalize M&E Systems (PDF)
Edited by Gladys Lopez-Acevedo, Kathryn Rivera, Lycia Lima, and Helena Hwang, June 2010

Trade in Services Negotiations: A Guide for Developing Countries
Edited by Sebastian Saez, June 2010 
Checkpoints and Barriers: Searching for Livelihoods in the West Bank and Gaza (in Gender Dimensions of Economic Collapse) (PDF)
February 2010
Trade Competitiveness in Middle East and North Africa: Policies for Export Diversification (PDF)
Edited by José R. López-Cálix, Peter Walkenhorst and Ndiamé Diop, 2010
Distortions to Agricultural Incentives: A Global Perspective, 1955-2007
By Kym Anderson, October 2009 
Debt Relief and Beyond: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead
Edited by Carlos A. Primo Braga and Doerte Doemeland, October 2009 
Moving Out of Poverty: The Promise of Empowerment and Democracy in India, Volume 3
Edited by Deepa Narayan, October 2009 
Problem-driven Governance and Political Economy Analysis (PDF)
By Verena Fritz, Kai Kaiser and Brian Levy, September 2009
Fateful Allure of Protectionism (PDF)
By Simon J. Evenett, Bernard M. Hoekman and Olivier Cattaneo, July 2009
Negotiating Trade in Services: A Practical Guide for Developing Countries (PDF)
May 2009
Trade Preference Erosion: Measurement and Policy Response
By Bernard Hoekman, Will Martin, Carlos Alberto Braga, April 2009 
Moving Out of Poverty: Success from the Bottom Up Volume 2
By Deepa Narayan, Lant Pritchett and Soumya Kapoor, March 2009 
Breaking Into New Markets: Emerging Lessons for Export Diversification (PDF)
By William Shaw, Richard Newfarmer, Peter Walkenhorst, March 2009
Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in Africa
By Kym Anderson and William A. Masters, March 2009 
Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in Asia
By Kym Anderson and Will Martin, February 2009 
Access to Water, Women's Work and Child Outcomes (PDF)
By Gayatri Koolwal and Dominique van de Walle, December 2009
Girls’ Education in the 21st Century: Gender, Equality, Empowerment, and Economic Growth (PDF)
Edited by Mercy Tembon and Lucia Fort, 2008
Equality for Women: Where Do We Stand on Millennium Development Goal 3? (PDF)
Edited by Mayra Buvinic, Andrew R. Morrison, A. Waafas Ofosu-Amaah and Mirja Sjöblom, September 2008
Data Against Natural Disasters: Establishing Effective Systems for Relief, Recovery, and Reconstruction
Edited by Samia Amin, Markus Goldstein, August 2008 
The Many Faces of Corruption
Edited by J. Edgardo Campos and Sanjay Pradhan, April 2007 
Delivering on the Promise of Pro-Poor Growth: Insights and Lessons from Country Experiences
Edited by Tim Besley and Louise Cord, 2007 

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