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Presentations & Speeches by Otaviano Canuto

Otaviano CanutoMr. Canuto has lectured and written widely on economic growth, financial crisis management, and regional development. His recent published work has dealt with financial crisis and economic growth in Latin America. He has published more than 70 articles in economic journals and books in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and has spoken often on development policy and global economic issues.

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Otaviano CanutoGrowth and Productivity Post-Crisis
Washington | April 17, 2013
G24 Deputies Meeting at the IMF
Presentation | Speech

Remarks to the UNCTAD Expert Group Meeting on Sovereign Debt Crises and Restructurings
New York | October 25, 2012
Speech to United Nations panel

Beyond 2015: The Future of Development Goals
New Delhi | October 18, 2012
Remarks to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's 4th World Forum

Remarks to the Briefing Seminar for the High-level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post- 2015 Development Agenda
New York | September 24, 2012
Speech to United Nations panel

Global Economic Outlook and Implications for Emerging Markets (PPT)
Washington | September 17, 2012
Presentation to the International Pensions Conference

Fighting Corruption at the International Level: A Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
São Paulo | August 15, 2012
Presentation to seminar on "The Impact of Corruption on Development," Instituto Brasileiro de Ética Concorrencial and Valor Economico

The Fight Against Drug Trafficking: A Challenge for All of Us
New York | June 26, 2012
Remarks for Thematic Debate of the United Nations General Assembly on Drugs and Crime as a Threat to Development

Green Fiscal Policy: Focus on Expenditure (PPT)
Paris | May 22, 2012
Presentation to the G20 Seminar on Green Growth, OECD

How Committed Are Latin American Governments to Equity? (PPT)
Washington | May 15, 2012
Presentation for the Inter-American Dialogue at the Inter-American Development Bank

Inequality: A Threat to Economic and Social Development?
Washington | April 19, 2012
Introductory remarks for a panel discussion during the IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings

Ascent After Decline: Regrowing Global Economies After the Great Recession (PPT)
Moscow | April 3, 2012
Presentation on the book Ascent After Decline for the 13th International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development at the Higher School of Economics. | Video

The Outlook for Brazil in the Context of a Global Economic Slowdown
Washington | February 29, 2012
Presentation for a Latin American Studies Program discussion at Johns Hopkins University's Schoolof Advanced International Studies

10-Year Anniversary of China's Access to WTO: Opening Remarks by the World Bank
Beijing | February 16, 2012
Speech on behalf of the World Bank to a global forum in Beijing marking the occasion

The Impact of Competition Practices in International Commodity Markets
Paris | December 11, 2011
Speech to OECD Global Forum on Competition on the impact of imperfect competition on the volatility of commodity markets and consumer prices

Fiscal Consequences of Food and Agricultural Commodities Inflation
New York | October 11, 2011
Remarks for the GAIM/GMA, Geopolitical Risk, Macroeconomics and Alternative Investment Conference

Business-Led Policymaking for Regional Economic Integration
Istanbul | November 18, 2011
Remarks during the Black Sea Energy and Economic Forum

VIDEO: ECOSOC High-Level Policy Dialogue on World Economy
Geneva | July 5, 2011
Statement during the 15th meeting of the 2011 High-Level Segment of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

New Building Blocks for Jobs and Economic Growth: Intangible Assets as Sources of Increased Productivity and Enterprise Value
Washington | May 16, 2011
Remarks during panel discussion opening the conference at Georgetown University

Can Developing Countries Carry the Global Economy?
London | March 15, 2011
Opening address of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting's first international conference | Slide Presentation | Text Highlights

The Day After Tomorrow: A Handbook on the Future of Economic Policy in the Developing World
Washington | December 16, 2010
Video of launch event at the Brazil Institute of the Woodrow Wilson Center for book co-edited by Otaviano Canuto and Marcelo Giugale

Migration and Remittances - Factbook 2011
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico | November 8-11, 2010
Slide presentation to the Global Forum on Migration and Development - with Dilip Ratha

Progress Against Poverty in Latin America
New York | November 3, 2010
Slide presentation to the Center for Brazilian Studies, Columbia University

Sovereign Debt Management in Times of Volatility and Switchover
Washington | October 25-27, 2010
Slide presentation to the Sovereign Debt Management Forum at the World Bank

The Future of Economic Policy in the Developing World
Washington | October 25, 2010
Slide presentation to the World Bank-ILO Conference on Trade and Employment Post-crisis: Global Shocks, Structural Changes and Policy Responses

Presentation for the 'Women and Economic Growth' – Economic and Social Levers of Gender Empowerment: The Role of Public Policy
Salzburg, Austria | October 17-22, 2010
Slide presentation to the Salzburg Global Seminar | Audio of remarks

Remarks for the Plenary on Economic Justice – The Challenges
Montreal | August 21, 2010
Text of remarks to the CIVICUS World Assembly 2010

Recoupling or Switchover:Developing Countries in the Global Economy
Washington | July 6, 2010
Slide presentation to the Inter-American Dialogue

High-Level Policy Dialogue with the International Financial and Trade Institutions on Current Developments in the World Economy
New York | June 28 - July 2, 2010
Video of remarks to the United Nations Economic and Social Council

Road to Recovery: Innovation, Jobs and Clean Growth
Paris | May 26-27, 2010
Video of remarks to "Trade, Jobs and Innovation" at the OECD Forum 2010 (In the selector box, please scroll down to Thursday, May 27: Trade, Jobs and Innovation)

International Symposium: Economic Benefits, Social Opportunities, and Challenges of Supporting Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Development
Washington | May 20, 2010
Text of remarks to 13th Annual US/ICOMOS International Symposium

Developing World Economies: Building Growth and Security
Manama, Bahrain | May 15, 2010
Speech at the IISS Geo-Economic Strategy Summit at the Bahrain Global Forum

From Crisis Management to Long Term Growth Drivers: Perspectives from Brazil | In Russian
Moscow | April 6-8, 2010
Slide presentation to The 11th International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development

Labor Market Adjustment During and After the Crisis
Cape Town | May 4, 2010
Slide presentation to Fifth IZA/World Bank Conference Employment and Development

Address at the High-Level Dialogue of the General Assembly on Financing for Development
New York | March 23, 2010
Text of remarks to Plenary Meeting, United Nations Headquarters

Address at the Conference on Oil and Gas in Federal Systems
Washington | March 3, 2010
Text of remarks at event organized by the World Bank Oil, Gas, and Mining Policy division and the Forum of Federations, with co-sponsorship from Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation

Address to the OECD Development Assistance Committee Anti-corruption Task Team
Washington | February 26, 2010
Text of remarks at World Bank

Environmentally Sustainable Growth : The Economist's Perspective
Washington | January 21, 2010
Text of remarks and slide presentation to Sustainable Development Network Forum 2010: Developing the 2010 Environment Strategy

Development Outlook after the Crisis
Lisbon | November 11, 2009
Slide presentation to 7º Congresso Nacional da Administração Pública Portuguesa, "Crise e Reestruturação na Economia Global," Centro de Congressos de Lisboa

VIDEO: Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress
Paris | September 14, 2009
Speech to the commission about the implementation of its report (scroll to end of clip list).

The Future of Export-Led Growth: A General Assessment
Washington | June 29, 2009
Slide presentation to Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Fiscal Policy in Developing Countries: Implications from the Current Crisis
Cape Town | August 13-16, 2009
Slide presentation to 65th Annual Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance (IIPF)

Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Low-Income Countries
Paris | May 25, 2009
Slide presentation to World Bank Group Donors' Forum

Managing the Crisis: Perspectives from Brazil
Boston: April 20-21, 2008
Slide presentation to seminar on Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Developing Countries' Growth Strategies and Prospects Conference at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

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