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Otaviano CanutoMr. Canuto has lectured and written widely on economic growth, financial crisis management, and regional development. His recent published work has dealt with financial crisis and economic growth in Latin America. He has published more than 70 articles in economic journals and books in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and has spoken often on development policy and global economic issues.

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Gender Equality and Economic Growth: A Framework for Policy Analysis (April 2013) (with Pierre-Richard Agénor)
This column describes a framework for quantifying the growth effects of gender policies in developing economies and, by applying an overlapping generations model to Brazil, shows that gender policy is likely to produce tangible economic results, but only in the long term.

Currency War and Peace (March 2013)
Project Syndicate. Republished in China Daily, Caijing (China), L'Orient-LeJour (Lebanon), Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy), Cambodia Herald, Het Financieele Dagblad (Netherlands), Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland).
Anxiety over unconventional monetary policies and "currency wars" must not continue to dominate global policy discussions.

Otaviano Canuto, World Bank Group: Overcoming Middle-Income Traps (March 2013)
East Asia's experience in transiting from middle- to high-income status provides important lessons for other countries that are attempting to follow suit.

Gender Equality and Economic Growth in Brazil (February 2013)
Economic Premise No. 109 (with Pierre-Richard Agénor)
An analysis quantifying the growth effects of gender-based policies in developing economies shows that fostering gender equality can have a substantial impact on long-run growth in Brazil.

The Brazilian Competitiveness Cliff (February 2013)
Economic Premise No. 105 (with Matheus Cavallari and Jose Guilherme Reis)
While Brazilian exports have grown sharply in recent years, the country faces increasing competitiveness challenges that urge the resumption of an agenda of microeconomic reforms. | Also on VoxEU

Acumular para crecer: El capital intangible (December 2012)
Boletín Informativo Techint
El autor analiza la evolución de la composición del stock de capital de diferentes países agrupados según su rango de ingreso per cápita. El estudio parte de definir el concepto de capital y de sus componentes: el capital producido, el capital natural y el capital intangible.

Avoiding Middle-Income Growth Traps (November 2012)
Economic Premise No. 98 (with Pierre-Richard Agénor and Michael Jelenic)
This note provides an analytical characterization of "middle-income traps" as stable, low-growth economic equilibria where talent is misallocated and innovation stagnates. | Also on VoxEU

Fighting Inequality to 'Bend the Arc' of History (November 2012)
President Kim has cited Dr. Martin Luther King's optimistic view that "the arc of the moral universe ... bends towards justice." Save the Children's new report presents new evidence on just how far we will have to bend the arc.

Natural Wealth: Is It a Blessing or a Curse? (October 2012) (with Matheus Cavallari)
There is no clear deterministic evidence of natural resource abundance as a curse or a blessing; therefore, the effect on a country depends on other determinants.

Fiscal Policy for Growth and Development (October 2012)
Economic Premise No. 91 (with Milan Brahmbhatt)
The global crisis has refocused interest in fiscal policy beyond its usual purposes in stimulus and on its potential longer-term role in fostering shared prosperity.

O desafio da competitividadepara o Brasil: uma avaliação comparada do desempenho das exportações nos últimos 15 anos (September 2012)
Revista Brasileira de Comércio Exterior (with Matheus Cavallari and José Guilherme Reis; in Portuguese)
Neste artigo fazemos um detalhado exame do comportamento das exportações brasileiras nos últimos 15 anos, analisando não só seu crescimento e composição, mas também diferentes dimensões do seu desempenho, incluindo diversificação, sofisticação e dinâmica.


Growth and Crisis | March 18, 2013
South Asia and the Geography of Poverty
While economic growth has lifted many people out of poverty, some regions can now be singled out as places where large numbers remain below the extreme poverty line.

Growth and Crisis | March 7, 2013
Gender Equality Pays Off in Brazil
Analysis shows multiple pathways for macroeconomic benefits of reducing the wage gap.

Growth and Crisis | February 27, 2013
Climate Change: Get Ready to Adapt! (with Milan Brahmbhatt)
Adapt and mitigate, mitigate and adapt -- we must walk on both legs to deal with the challenge of climate change.

Growth and Crisis | February 12, 2013
Brazilian Competitiveness: Folia and Hangover
Despite improved prospects for 2013, the recent sharp downfall of production, investment and exports has signaled to policy makers the need to readdress their priorities.

Growth and Crisis | January 9, 2013
Mobilizing Development via Mobile Phones
Experiences in Tanzania and Sudan show that development data can be collected via mobile phone on a wide range of topics in a cost-effective, flexible, and fast way.

Growth and Crisis | December 20, 2012
In Times of Consecutive Crises, Is Fiscal Policy the Answer?
Fiscal policy – once the domain of policy wonks – has become part of dinner-table conversations. Amidst the media spin and misnomers however, there lies a crucial debate.

Growth and Crisis | December 10, 2012
Where Rubber Hits the Road: Reforming Public Sector Management
Reform is more likely to succeed when based on specific diagnostics, and there is learning and adapting in accordance with evidence as one goes.

Growth and Crisis | November 26, 2012
The East Asian Miracle 2.0
What lessons can be learned from countries that have successfully climbed the "income ladder"?

Growth and Crisis | November 14, 2012
It's Jobs, Stupid!
Ultimately, ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity will hinge on good-job-creating growth.

Growth and Crisis | November 7, 2012
Revolutionary Services
Trade in services has accompanied the rising tide of global trade, going beyond commercial presence and the cross-border movement of service providers and consumers.

Growth and Crisis | October 31, 2012
Can Non-State Service Delivery Undermine Governments?
Do citizens still consider their governments legitimate when they are not the primary service provider?

Growth and Crisis | October 24, 2012
Shifting Tectonic Plates under Global Banking

Growth and Crisis | October 17, 2012
Connecting Wagons: Why and How to Help Lagging Regions Catch Up

Growth and Crisis | October 10, 2012
Jobs as a Gateway to Prosperity

Growth and Crisis | October 3, 2012
Fiscal Policy for Shared Prosperity

Growth and Crisis | September 27, 2012
Like a Hummingbird – From Chile to Mongolia

Growth and Crisis | September 19, 2012
Not All That Glitters Is Gold

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