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Developing Countries Come to the Global Economy’s Rescue


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WASHINGTON, September 27, 2010—While the rich world puts its house in order, developing countries are becoming a new engine of global growth and a pulling force for advanced economies, says a new book by World Bank economists.

According to The Day After Tomorrow: A Handbook on the Future of Economic Policy in the Developing World, almost half of global growth is currently coming from developing countries. As a group, it is projected that their economic size will surpass that of their developed peers in 2015. Read more

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 Grey ArrowMarcelo Guigale
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  Grey Arrow The Day after Tomorrow 
  Grey Arrow The Future of Economic Policy in the Developing World
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Preface | Synthesis | Table of Contents | Acknowledgements

Chapter 1: Recoupling or Switchover? Developing Countries in the Global Economy 
Chapter 2: Technological Learning: Climbing the Tall Ladder 
Chapter 3: Trading Places: International Integration after the Crisis
Chapter 4: Exports and the Competitiveness Agenda: Policies to Support the Private Sector
Chapter 5: Natural Resources and Development Strategy after the Crisis
Chapter 6: The Times, They Are “A-changin”: A New Look at International Economic and Financial Policy 
Chapter 7: Macroprudential Policies in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis
Chapter 8: Finance in Crisis: Causes, Lessons, Consequences, and an Application to Latin America
Chapter 9: Tales of the Unexpected: Rebuilding Trust in Government
Chapter 10: Fiscal Quality: A Developing Country’s Priority 
Chapter 11: Public Expenditure after the Global Financial Crisis
Chapter 12: Debt Management and the Financial Crisis
Chapter 13: Subnational Debt Finance: Make It Sustainable
Chapter 14: Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Next Decade
Chapter 15: Poverty, Equity, and Jobs
Chapter 16: Investing in Gender Equality: Looking Ahead 
Chapter 17: The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Migration and Remittances
Chapter 18: Africa: Leveraging Crisis Response to Tackle Development Challenges
Chapter 19: East Asia and the Pacific Confronts the “New Normal” 
Chapter 20: Europe and Central Asia: A Time of Reckoning 
Chapter 21: A Brave New World for Latin America
Chapter 22: The Financial Crisis, Recovery, and Long-Term Growth in the Middle East and North Africa
Chapter 23: Economic Policy Challenges for South Asia

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