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Jun 27, 20122012 World Bank Conference on Equity
Date: Jun 27 - Jun 28

Jun 26, 2012Decoding Sustainable Logistics Trends: Viewpoints from Leading Practitioners
Contact: Maria Florencia Millan Placci


May 17, 2012The Debt of Nations Revisited

May 16, 2012Assessing Competitiveness: How Firm Level Data Can Help
Location: MC 7-100
Contact: Daria Taglioni


May 14, 2012The 2012 MMMF Grant Recipients Forum

Apr 19, 2012Inequality: A Threat to Economic and Social Development?
Location: Washington, DC

Apr 18, 2012Building Better Policies: Performance and Measuring Results

Mar 19, 2012Building With Bits Rather Than Atoms: 'Big Data' Alternatives for Infrastructure Development in the 21st Century

Mar 12, 2012Book Launch: Ascent after Decline
Contact: Alejandra Viveros


Mar 05, 2012A Special Event on CEDAW and Women's Rights, March 5th, 2012

Feb 22, 2012Gender in Country Partnership Strategies: Recent Good Practice in Honduras and Vietnam

Feb 09, 2012Agricultural and Food Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa
Location: MC5-100
Contact: Cynthia Abidin-Saurman


Jan 30, 2012Conflict and Gender Inequality

Jan 10, 2012Thinking Equal in Trade Facilitation: Mainstreaming Gender in Trade Facilitation and Logistics

Dec 20, 2011Taking Others into Account: Multilateral Aspects of Policies Affecting Capital Flows

Dec 14, 2011Spurring Global Economic Growth: Unlocking Capital for Women Entrepreneurs - December 14, 2011

Dec 09, 2011Deconstructing Cannes: The 2011 G20 Leaders' Summit

Nov 14, 2011Government versus Markets: The Changing Economic Role of the State

Nov 08, 2011Live Q&A about Global Food Prices - Nov 2011

Nov 04, 2011The World Under Pressure: How China and India are Influencing the Global Economy and Environment

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