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Fighting AIDS

“There is no reason why generations of people should disappear as a result of AIDS when a determined global movement of governments, communities, private companies, development agencies, and civil society groups can make a dramatic difference."  India Needs a Manhattan Project


The World Bank -- in partnership with others -- is working to roll back the spread of this global epidemic. As the largest long-term investor in prevention and mitigation of HIV/AIDS in developing countries, the World Bank Group is working with its partners to:

Prevent the further spread of HIV/AIDS among vulnerable groups and in the general population.

Promote countries' health policies and multi-sectoral approaches, such as working in education, social safety nets, transport and other vital areas).

Expand basic care and treatment activities for those affected by HIV/AIDS and their families, as well as for children whose parents have died of AIDS and other vulnerable children.

The World Bank is working with all regions in the developing world that are affected by HIV/AIDS.
Global HIV/AIDS Program and ACT Africa (AIDS Campaign Team for Africa) are both helping to coordinate this work.


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