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Shaping the Agenda

Fighting AIDS 
"There is no reason why generations of people should disappear as a result of AIDS when a determined global movement of governments, communities, private companies, development agencies, and civil society groups can make dramatic difference."

Achieving the Millenium Development Goals
"Together, we have set 2015 as the deadline for our results.
We must now, together, move beyond words and set deadlines for our actions. We have said we are mutually accountable. It is time to deliver."

Broadening the Development Framework
The CDF reflects an approach to putting together those elements which are central to the development process, and without which no amount of money and no macro policy could render efforts effective."

Reducing Poverty
"We believe that combating poverty, giving opportunity to citizens, and providing effective development programs are the true keys to security and peace."

Relieving Unsustainable Debt
"We have learned that debt reduction for the most highly indebted poor countries is a crucial element in putting countries back on their feet, and that the funds released can be used effectively for poverty reduction programs."

Tackling Corruption
"Corruption is a problem that all countries have to confront. Solutions, however, can only be home-grown. National leaders need to take a stand."

Sharing Knowledge
"We must work towards the day when through the internet, through distance learning, through cellular phones and wind-up radios, the village elder or the aspiring students will have access to the same information on the economy of a country as the finance minister."

Managing Conflict:  "Central to conflict prevention and peace-building must be strategies for promoting social cohesion and inclusion, ensuring that all have opportunities for gainful employment, that societies avoid wide income inequalities that can threaten social stability and that poor people have access to education, health care, and basic services."

Faith and Development: "This is a powerful idea—to tap the strengths of religions as development actors. Consider economics, finance and administration as disciplines that are deeply ethical at the core .... they are about poverty reduction and employment creation. A vision without a task is boring. A task without a vision is awfully frustrating. A vision with a task can change the world."



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