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Sharing Knowledge

“We must work toward the day when through the internet, through distance learning, through cellular phones and wind-up radios, the village elder or the aspiring student will have access to the same information as the finance minister.” (September 26, 2000, remarks at joint Annual Meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, "Building an Equitable World")

James D. Wolfensohn.

The Bank has changed considerably in the last few years, to become a knowledge Bank as much as a lending Bank.  The Bank’s work in sharing knowledge has three main dimensions:

Using knowledge well to support our operations. To do this the Bank has established more than 100 Thematic Groups charged with capturing the information the Bank and other institutions have acquired in their specialties and processing it into useful knowledge.  See more information on Thematic Groups.

Sharing knowledge with our clients and partners. The Bank is now working in new ways with government officials, nongovernmental organizations, the private sector, and the donor community in teams that share knowledge and thus build government ownership and commitment. 

See more information on Knowledge Sharing.

Helping clients create, tap, and use knowledge from all sources. The Bank is supporting national development efforts in enhancing their development capacity by building skills and strengthening institutions. For example, the Bank has supported the Global Development Network , the African Virtual University , the Information for Development program, and the ICT for Education program.


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