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Annual Meeting Remarks -- Securing the 21st Century, October 3, 2004
2004 AM cover.. [P}rotecting our planet, scaling up the war on poverty, and educating our youth are among the most critical [issues] for a more secure world.
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Remarks on Youth and Development, September 6, 2004
Young Girl for JDW Speech on YouthYou cannot ignore the fact that half the world is under 24, and that  ... in the next 25 to 30 years we will have 2.5 billion more young people. 
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Remarks on the Environment at the Brookings Institute, June 25, 2004

...I think the issue of developing country confrontation with the issue of climate change is ... very real. And this is the group that is most vulnerable "...
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Closing Remarks at the Shanghai Conference on Scaling Up Poverty Reduction, May 27, 2004

We should be addressing the question of poverty not just from economics, but because dealing with equity and social justice is right.
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Remarks at the United Nations Security Council, April 15, 2004

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[I]f someone has a job and they have hope, they're much less likely to go out and shoot you.
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