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2005 Spring Meetings

Reflections on the Progress of Development
Press Briefing at 2005 Spring Meetings

Today, we see that the rich world is not even close to meeting its commitment to children in developing countries.

Statement on Education for All Initiative

On many levels—from providing all children with basic education to examining the levels of debt that borrowing countries can manage—Mr. Wolfensohn and the Development Committee took stock of how well international institutions and donor countries are addressing issues of development and poverty at the Spring Meetings of the Bank and International Monetary Fund. Since the event is the final such gathering that Mr. Wolfensohn will attend as Bank President, the meetings also offered an opportunity to reflect on the state of the institution and his 10 years of service to the Bank as president. 

The State of Development:

Education as a Priority—Mr. Wolfensohn, along with national and international education officials, briefed the press on the Education for All Initiative

arrowDevelopment Committee Assessment—The Spring Meetings were an important beginning to a serious review by international institutions of their progress toward agreed-upon goals.
arrowMajor Reports—Three reports give a cautionary view of what has been done toward meeting the Millennium Development Goals: Global Development Finance,  the Global Monitoring Report and World Development Indicators.
Looking Back on 10 Years of Progress—When asked, Mr. Wolfensohn said he looks back with satisfaction on a tenure marked by greater engagement with civil society, the private sector and other groups, and more decision-making power in the hands of developing countries.

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