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May 23, 2005World Bank President Warns Fragile States Must Not Be Left Behind
Mar 25, 2005Statement By World Bank Group’s Board Of Executive Directors On Presidential Selection
Mar 24, 2005Statement By World Bank Executive Directors Representing EU Member Countries On Their Meeting With Paul Wolfowitz
Mar 23, 2005Statement By Group Of Executive Directors On The World Bank’s Selection Process
Mar 21, 2005World Bank Statement on Secretary General's Report
Mar 18, 2005Further Communication on Selection of the President
Mar 17, 2005World Bank Says Transparency Key to Development in Resource-Rich Countries
Mar 16, 2005World Bank Hails Transparency International's Annual Report
Mar 11, 2005Statement by the World Bank on the Commission for Africa Report
Mar 01, 2005World Bank Reaffirms Support For Palestinian Authority

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