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Poverty Window

The World Bank mission is to deepen understanding of the relationship between policies, institutions, and the poverty reduction process. Poverty encompasses lack of opportunities (and capabilities), lack of voice and representation, as well as vulnerability to shocks. Bank support for sustainable poverty reduction centers on action to broaden opportunity, enhance empowerment, and strengthen security. Within this framework, promoting broad-based growth is a critical priority, considering its proven importance in reducing poverty. Through its Poverty Window, the Trust Fund supplements the World Bank budget for poverty-focused analytical work and non-lending services as well as activities which:

  • Assist Bank country teams in strengthening the analytical underpinnings of Bank and client operations and policies with respect to poverty reduction;
  • Help ensure that the results of poverty reduction programs are tracked and evaluated more effectively using state of the art tools

The Poverty Window supports activities related to the development of poverty reduction strategies, to poverty analysis, and to the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of poverty reduction programs.


Trust Fund activities have focused on strengthening in-country capacity and analytics. Grants have funded research to define and measure empowerment, as well as training and capacity-building activities to support the decision-making and planning processes at the grassroots level. Most of these activities are upstream-Bank studies that influence policy formulation and assessment. The Trust Fund also supports downstream monitoring and evaluation, using participatory and quantitative mechanisms.


The Social Development and Poverty Windows have been instrumental in introducing Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA), which contribute to informed policy-making by providing a solid base of information. In 2002, the Trust Fund financed the first six PSIAs in the world in partnership with the U.K. Department for International Development. The first pilot analyses allowed the Bank and its clients to test an idea and to demonstrate its value.


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