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TFESSD was set up in December 1999, initially as a Norwegian-funded "umbrella" trust fund (NTFESSD), replacing many separate trust funds on environment and social development. In July 2001, funding for poverty issues was added to the trust fund and a Poverty Window was opened alongside the existing Environment and Social Development Windows. In November 2002, the Government of Finland joined the fund. In February 2004, a fourth window for Social Protection issues was added. TFESSD is a Bank executed trust fund. See the section on Agreements for the legal documents governing the Trust Fund.

Governance of the Trust Fund

The Social Development Department administers the TFESSD on behalf of the Vice-President for Sustainable Development Network, who is the formal point of contact between the Bank and the donors. The Environment, Social Development, Poverty, and Social Protection Boards in the Bank prioritize areas and proposals for funding every year and monitor the progress of trust fund activities. They ensure that the funds are used for strategic activities and in close coordination with the Bank's own Economic and Sector Work (ESW) and projects. Each Sector Director has delegated the day-to-day business of window management and administration to a Window Manager. The Window Manager takes care of financial management and provides guidance to Task Managers on substantive and administrative issues. For oversight of the process, a Trust Fund Coordinator is appointed by the Vice President. See the section on Contacts.

A Reference Group of Norwegian and Finnish academics and development practitioners headed by Dan Banik of the University of Oslo  advises the Governments of Norway and Finland on TFESSD. The  Reference Group also promotes dialogue between the World Bank and the Norwegian and Finnish ESSD communities.See the website of the Reference Group (


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