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Conflict Resolution System (CRS)


The Internal Justice Services has an “open door” policy that gives staff direct access to its units. Faced with multiple options, it is not uncommon that staff ask: where do I start?

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Respectful Workplace AdvisorsOmbuds ServicesMediation ServicesPeer Review Services

The Respectful Workplace Advisors (RWA) Program consists of volunteer peers in Bank Group work units in Washington and in country Offices. RWAs serve as an informal avenue of assistance to staff facing harassment, disrespectful behaviors, or other sources of stress at work. RWAs do not become directly involved in resolving the issues brought to them by colleagues. The RWA Program is overseen by the Ombuds Services office.

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Ombuds Services is a confidential, impartial and informal service independent from the World Bank Group's formal management channels that facilitates the resolution of workplace issues. An Ombudsman helps staff analyze problems and assists in identifying options and can, only if requested by the visitor, become involved in trying to resolve issues. Ombuds Services also provides information to staff members on the Bank Group's policies and procedures. Additionally, Ombuds Services alerts management to systemic trends and issues and makes recommendations for change.

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The Office of Mediation provides World Bank Group staff with processes for resolving workplace disputes, including mediation and group facilitation. In mediation, an impartial mediator helps parties better understand their issues, concerns, needs and interests. The mediator also helps parties make decisions on how to resolve their matter. The mediation process is informal and confidential. When issues are settled through mediation, a memorandum of understanding sets out the specific agreements reached by the parties, and the parties’ agreement is final and binding.

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The peer review process is an independent review of managerial decisions, actions, or inactions affecting a Bank Group staff member by a panel of impartial volunteer staff members. The Peer Review panel considers whether the Bank Group’s actions are consistent with the staff member’s contract of employment and/or terms of appointment, including the pertinent Bank Group rules and policies. The Peer Review panel may recommend that the Bank Group award relief to the staff member and/or take other corrective measures.

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Administrative TribunalEthics and Business ConductIntegrity Vice Presidency

The World Bank Administrative Tribunal is the independent judicial forum of last resort for the resolution of cases submitted by Bank Group staff members alleging non-observance of their contracts of employment or terms of appointment. The Tribunal is composed of seven judges who are not Bank staff members and are appointed for fixed terms. The Tribunal’s decisions are final and binding.

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The Office of Ethics and Business Conduct (EBC) works with staff to foster ethical awareness and sensitivity. EBC provides training and outreach on business conduct and manages programs to promote transparency and address potential conflicts of interest. EBC also responds to and investigates certain allegations of staff wrongdoing.

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The Integrity Vice Presidency’s (INT) mission is to detect, deter and prevent fraud and corruption in World Bank Group-supported activities and to investigate allegations of fraud or corruption involving Bank Group staff. INT also provides advice, training and knowledge products related to the identification and mitigation of fraud and corruption risks in Bank Group operations.

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