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Policies Guiding INT's Work

Disclosure Policy of the World Bank Group's Integrity Vice Presidency

The new Disclosure Policy of the World Bank Group’s Integrity Vice Presidency, approved by the Executive Directors on February 3, 2011, is now in effect. The new policy was developed by INT in conjunction with the World Bank’s Access to Information Policy, which calls for the development of separate disclosure regimes for certain groups, including INT.

Q&A on INT's Disclosure Policy

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2009 Annual Report of the Independent Advisory Board
December 2009
The report provides the following information: (1) background on the formation of the IAB and overview of its mandate; (2) activities that occurred during the period covered by this report; (3) the Integrity Vice Presidency (INT)‟s position in the Bank and need for support; (4) findings of the IAB in relation to its mandate; (5) remaining challenges for the World Bank Group (WBG) in the governance and anti-corruption area; and (6) conclusions and recommendations.
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Mutual Enforcement of Debarment Decisions Among Multilateral Development Banks

June 11, 2010 (updated)
This paper sets forth Management’s proposal to establish a cross-debarment regime, whereby firms and individuals debarred by one Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) may be sanctioned, for the same misconduct, by other MDBs participating in the regime.
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Guide to INT's Internal Investigative Process

August 2011 (updated)
Focuses on INT's standards and procedures for investigating allegations of significant fraud or corruption involving Bank Group staff as set forth under
 Staff Rule 8.01.

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Independent Panel Review of the World Bank Department of Institutional Integrity (INT)

September 13, 2007
An Independent Panel headed by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker was appointed by the World Bank in early 2007 to review the work of the Bank’s Department of Institutional Integrity (INT). The Panel considered INT’s work in the broader context of the Bank’s new strategy adopted earlier in 2007 to help borrowing countries develop effective governance and anticorruption programs.

The Panel stressed the key role that INT must play in the Bank’s anticorruption effort. “Given its experience and expertise, INT also can and should contribute to the Bank’s efforts to detect and prevent corruption in its own operations and to assist borrowing countries in building anticorruption protection....”

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International Financial Institutions Anti-Corruption Task Force

September 2006
Uniform Framework for Preventing and Combating Fraud and Corruption & International Financial Principles and Guidelines for Investigations

This document, marking a milestone in sanctions reform for the International Financial Institutions, includes harmonized definitions of fraudulent and corrupt practices, guidelines for increased information sharing and cooperation in investigations, and common principles for investigations and due diligence procedure.

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Sanctions Reform
July 28, 2006
Expansion of Sanction Beyond Procurement and Sanctioning of Obstructive Practices
This paper sets forth Management’s proposals to reform the sanctions regime currently in place within the World Bank Group by expanding its coverage beyond procurement and by making obstruction of Bank investigation into allegations of fraud and corruption a separate sanctionable offense. 
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Joint MDB Statement 
December 4, 2004
Anti-Corruption Efforts Related to MDB-Financed Projects
Joint statement on the occasion of the signing of the UN Convention Against Corruption.
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Reform of the World Bank's Sanctions Process
June 28, 2004
This report provides an overview of the Bank's sanctions process since its inception. It also sets forth recommendations, and seeks Board approval, for reforms to the sanctions process.
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External Communications Strategy
June 3, 2004
This communications strategy aims specifically to increase awareness, both within and outside the World Bank, of the role that the work of the Integrity Department and resulting Bank sanctions play in safeguarding Bank-financed projects and ensuring that Bank funds are used for their intended purposes.
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Richard Thornburgh's Report Concerning the Debarment Process of the World Bank
August 14, 2002
The report by former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations and Attorney General of the United States Richard Thornburgh, " intended to provide an encapsulated view of the experience --and the possible future course--of the World Bank in attempting to identify and sanction, through the process of debarment, organizations and individuals believed to have engaged in fraudulent or corrupt activities in relation to Bank-financed and Bank-executed projects." 
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