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Report Suspected Fraud or Corruption

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Three Ways to Report a Concern:

Submit an Online Integrity Complaint Form 

Call: 1-202-458-7677

Or download the free Integrity App

Can INT help me with my concerns?

If you have an allegation that involves possible fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion and obstruction in World Bank-funded projects and/or against World Bank staff, the World Bank's Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) may be able to help address your concerns. Click here for definitions and examples.

How do I report?

The Integrity Complaint Form is the best way to send a report to INT. When you click on the link to the Form, you will be taken to a secure and confidential third-party website that is managed by INT. You will need to provide basic information regarding your allegations and a detailed summary of your concerns. There are available “Guide Questions” to help you fill out the Form. You also have the option to upload supporting documents after submitting the Form.

Our phone hotlines and/or Integrity App can also be used to provide information to INT, as appropriate.

To reach INT offices in Washington, DC directly, you may call (+1) 202.458.7677

Why should I report a concern?

Our investigations are primarily based upon the allegations we receive, so it is extremely important that those people who are involved in activities supported by World Bank Group funds take the initiative to report suspected fraud or corruption.

When should I expect a response?

You will receive an automated response with a reference number when you submit a report to INT using the Integrity Complaint Form and the Integrity App. A reference number will be provided to you when you report to our phone hotline.

If your report pertains to fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion and obstruction involving World Bank-funded projects or World Bank staff, someone from INT will contact you directly using the contact information that you have provided.


Can I remain anonymous?

Yes. The World Bank will still review your complaint even if you wish to remain anonymous. However, you still will need to provide INT with at least an email address to contact you for additional information or clarification.

Is my report confidential?

Yes. All information provided to INT is confidential. We will not disclose information that may reveal your identity without your consent unless the World Bank is required to do so by law.

Advance Fee Fraud Scams

The World Bank’s name is often used as part of an illicit scam known as Advance Fee Fraud (AFF). If you receive a message with one or more of the following, please be aware that you may have been a victim of an AFF scam:

--You have won something and your prize money is in an account with some claimed affiliation to  the World Bank

--You have inherited some money that can be withdrawn from an account with some claimed affiliation to the World Bank

--A person or organization claiming to be affiliated with the World Bank is asking money, personal details and/or banking information in exchange for a job, a personal loan, an ATM/credit card, etc.

The World Bank does not send these types of messages. To protect yourself, do NOT reply to the message. Do NOT send your banking details, personal information, and any money to anyone claiming to be from the World Bank. The World Bank cannot assist you in recovering any lost funds.

If you believe that you may have been a victim of AFF scams, please contact your local authorities. Learn more.

Other Concerns

Requests for project information, documents and data, statistics and publications. See Access to Information

Job applications. See

Verification of employment for World Bank Group employees. Contact World Bank's Human Resources Service Center at 202-473-2222 or




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