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Sanctions and Compliance

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blue_arrow.gifHow does the sanctions system work?
blue_arrow.gifList of debarred entities 
blue_arrow.gifThe World Bank Group Sanctions Process and Its Recent Reforms 
blue_arrow.gifGeneral Principles and Guidelines for Sanctions (pdf)
blue_arrow.gifPrinciples on Treatment of Corporate Groups (pdf)
blue_arrow.gifEarly Temporary Suspension (pdf)
blue_arrow.gifIntegrity Compliance Guidelines  (pdf)
blue_arrow.gifThe conditional release process  (pdf)

FAQs: Integrity Compliance (pdf)


Note on Settlement Process (pdf) new!

Sanctions help ensure World Bank Group funds go to development
When firms or individuals are found through an INT investigation to have engaged in fraudulent, corrupt, collusive, coercive or obstructive practices, the World Bank may impose a sanction such as debarment.   Debarred entities are then ineligible to be awarded a World Bank-financed contract, either permanently of for designated period of time.  Sanctions hold wrongdoers accountable for their misconduct, and help deter others from engaging in similar behavior.

More focus on maintaining clean business practices
The World Bank Group's sanctions system will now put emphasis on debarred parties meeting certain integrity compliance conditions before they can once again participate in Bank Group-financed activities.  These conditions encourage debarred parties to focus on rehabilitating their business practices.  The existing sanction of debarment with conditional release has become the default sanction for cases initiated under the  Bank Group's revised Sanctions Procedures as of September 2010.  Going forward the establishment (or improvement) and implementation of an integrity compliance program satisfactory to the WBG will be a principal condition to ending a debarment (or conditional non-debarment); or in the case of some existing debarments, early termination of the debarment. 

The World Bank Group's New Integrity Compliance Officer
Also in September  2010, the World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency appointed an Integrity Compliance Officer (ICO). In addition, to monitoring integrity compliance by sanctioned companies (or codes of conduct for individuals), the ICO also will decide whether the compliance condition, and/or others established by the Sanctions Board or a WBG Evaluation and Suspension Officer as part of a debarment, have been satisfied. See Sanctions Procedures Section 9.03 (Compliance with Conditions for Non-Debarment and Release from Debarment).

The Summary of World Bank Group Integrity Compliance Guidelines incorporate standards, principles and components commonly recognized by many institutions and entities as good governance and anti-fraud and corruption practices. They are not intended to be all-inclusive, exclusive or prescriptive; rather a party’s adoption of these Guidelines, or variants thereof, should be determined based on that party’s own circumstances.

Debarment announcements

Mar 7, 2011 

 World Bank Debars Turkish Firm Eksen Proje İnşaat Turizm Ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi for Collusion 

Sep 20, 2010 


World Bank Debars Ambalal Sarabhi Enterprises, Ltd.;
Firm engaged in fraud related to Bank-financed project in India


Sep 20, 2010 


World Bank Debars Chemito Technologies Pvt. Ltd;
Firm engaged in fraud related to Bank-financed project in India


Sep 20, 2010 

 World Bank Debars Ronberg Gruppe, LLC AG;
Firm and director engaged in fraud related to Bank-financed project in Afghanistan

Sep 20, 2010 

 World Bank Debars Global Spin Weave Ltd.;
Firm and director engaged in fraud related to Bank-financed projects in India

Jul 13, 2010 


World Bank Debars Fraudulent Bolivian Firm And Its Owner;
Tip from Bolivian authorities led to World Bank Group investigation
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Apr 30, 2010 The World Bank Group Debars Macmillan Limited for Corruption in World Bank-supported Education Project in Southern Sudan;
Eight-year proposed debarment reduced due to early admission of corrupt payments -- can be reduced further based on future cooperation

Apr 2, 2010 

 World Bank Debars Glocoms and its CEO for Fraud Related to Bank-Financed Project in Vietnam

Apr 2, 2010 

 World Bank Debars Royal Mekong Construction; Firm and its director engaged in fraudulent practices related to Bank-financed project

Apr 2, 2010 

 World Bank Debars Three NGOs for Having Engaged in Fraud in Bangladesh

Feb 19, 2010 

 World Bank Debars CADE Group Cambodia Co. Ltd; Firm engaged in corrupt practices related to World Bank-financed project 

Jan 27, 2010 

 World Bank Debars Videocon Industries Limited; Firm engaged in fraud related to World Bank-financed project 

Jan 7, 2010 


World Bank Debars NGO for Fraud in Bangladeshi Education Project 


Nov 30, 2009 

 World Bank Group Debars Limited Liability Company Siemens (OOO Siemens) for Engaging in Fraud and Corruption in a World Bank-Financed Project in Russia 

Jul 27, 2009 

 World Bank Debars NGOs for Fraud in Bangladesh 

Jun 2, 2009 

 World Bank Debars Four for Engaging in Fraud in Bank-Financed Projects 

 Jan 14, 2009 

 World Bank Debars Seven Firms and One Individual for Collusive Practices under Philippines Roads Project

Aug 22, 2008 

   World Bank Sanctions Firm For Helping Rig Bids In $150 Million Bank-Financed Philippines Road Project

Jun 11, 2008 

 World Bank Sanctions Firm and Its Owner for Fraudulent Practices under Bank-Financed Projects in Senegal 

Apr 24, 2008 

 World Bank Statement on Investigations into Fraud and Corruption in a Demobilization and Reintegration Project

Jul 16, 2007 

 World Bank Debars two firms under India Reproductive and Child Health Project

Nov 6, 2006 


World Bank Sanctions Lahmeyer International for Corrupt Activities in Bank-Financed Projects


Mar 30, 2006 

 World Bank Debars Firm, Individual For Fraudulent Practices Under Russian Federation Community Social Infrastructure Project

Jul 21, 2005 

 Russian Federation: World Bank Sanctions ZAO Lanck Company for Fraudulent Practices in Education Innovation Project

Jul 21, 2005 

 Republic of Lithuania: World Bank Sanctions AB Hidrostatyba and AB Panevezio Statybos Trestas for Collusive Practices in the Klaipeda Environment Project

May 25, 2005 

 Indonesia: World Bank Issues Sanctions In ASEM-EU Asian Financial Crisis Response Fund

Mar 28, 2005 

 Albania: World Bank Issues Sanctions in Water Supply Project

Nov 22, 2004 

 Cambodia: World Bank Sanctions Thales Engineering and Consulting S.A.and Others in Demobilization Project

Nov 22, 2004 

 Croatia: World Bank Sanctions BIS Healthcare Group in a Health Reform Project

Nov 22, 2004 

 Timor-Leste: World Bank Sanctions Companies in School Project

Sep 28, 2004 

 Indonesia: World Bank Sanctions Indonesian Publishers in Book and Reading Development Project

Jul 23, 2004 

 World Bank Sanctions Acres International Limited


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