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Nov 8, 2012


World Bank Introduces New Integrity App at the International Anti-Corruption Conference (pdf)

Available in: Português (pdf)

Oct 16, 2012 World Bank and the UK Department for International Development to Expand Cooperation in Protecting Development Funds
Oct 9, 2012 New World Bank Report Highlights Success of Integrity Work and a Continued Commitment to Managing Fraud and Corruption Risks in Projects 
Jul 3, 2012 World Bank Sanctions Oxford University Press for Corrupt Practices Impacting Education Projects in East Africa

Jun 8, 2012 

 The World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency Signs Three Agreements to Expand Cooperation in Fighting Corruption (pdf) 

Feb 22, 2012 


Enforcing Accountability: World Bank Debars Alstom Hydro France, Alstom Network Schweiz AG, and their Affiliates

Available in: Français 

Feb 21, 2012 

 World Bank and the Ministry of Security and Justice of the Netherlands to Expand Cooperation in Fighting Global Corruption

Available in: Nederlands 


Dec 13, 2011 

 Enforcing Accountability: World Bank Group Debars Three Companies and One Individual for Sanctionable Practices in Bank-Financed Projects in Vietnam and Indonesia

Oct 25, 2011

 World Bank Commends British, Dutch Authorities for Actions

Oct 19, 2011 

 Enforcing Accountability: The World Bank Debars UK Company: “The Crown Agents for Oversea Governments and Administrations Limited” in the Wake of the Company’s Acknowledgement of a Fraudulent Practice

Sep 28, 2011

 Enforcing Accountability: The World Bank Group Debars 2 Companies for Collusion and Fraud relating to 2 projects in Georgia and Bangladesh

Sep 23, 2011 

 World Bank 2011 Integrity Record Highlights Progress on High-Impact Investigations, Referrals, and Preventive Action

Aug 29, 2011 

 World Bank's Preventive Work Raises Cost of Being Corrupt

Aug 15, 2011 

 Lahmeyer GmbH Released from Debarment; First such determination by World Bank’s Integrity Compliance Officer 

Jul 22, 2011 

 World Bank Welcomes Norwegian Convictions of Three Former Employees of Norwegian Company “Norconsult” in Bribery Case in Tanzania

Jul 22, 2011 

 World Bank Applauds Action by the UK Serious Fraud Office in Relation to Bribery Charges Against Macmillan Publishers Limited In An Education Project in Sudan 

Jun 1, 2011 


World Bank Report Calls for Stronger Action by Developed and Developing Countries to Fight Corruption in the Roads Sector

Available in: 中文, العربية


Apr 26, 2011 

 Enforcing Accountability: World Bank Negotiated Resolution Debars Seven Indonesian Firms

Apr 13, 2011 


World Bank and Enforcement Partners Commit to a Declaration to Counter Global Corruption

Available in: العربية, Français, Português, Español


Mar 11, 2011

 World Bank Signs Negotiated Resolution with Progynist

Dec 22, 2010 

 Enforcing Accountability: Italian Company Lotti to pay US$350,000 in restitution to Indonesia after acknowledging fraudulent misconduct in a World Bank-financed project

Dec 9, 2010 

 Siemens selects initial projects for US$100 million Integrity Initiative

Dec 7, 2010 

 First “International Corruption Hunters Alliance” Meets at World Bank to Accelerate Global Enforcement Action

Dec 3, 2010 

 World Bank Announces Strong Anti-Corruption Actions, with 12-year Sanction, First Cross-Debarments

Oct 8, 2010 

 World Bank Report Highlights Strong Year of Progress in Managing Corruption Risks; FY10 brings 45 debarments, new partnerships, cross-debarment agreement, training of more than 1,200 people on red flags and preventive action 

Sep 29, 2010 

 Enforcing Accountability: The World Bank Group Debars 4 Companies and 2 Individuals for Fraud in India and Afghanistan

Aug 9, 2010 


The World Bank Group debars two Albanian companies for collusive practice in bidding on a World Bank-financed project in Albania;
The two companies will be eligible for cross debarment under the “Agreement for Mutual Enforcement of Debarment Decisions” signed by the World Bank Group and other multilateral development banks

Apr 30, 2010 The World Bank Group Debars Macmillan Limited for Corruption in World Bank-supported Education Project in Southern Sudan;
Eight-year proposed debarment reduced due to early admission of corrupt payments -- can be reduced further based on future cooperation

Apr 13, 2010 

 Enforcing Accountability: World Bank Group Debars 2 Companies, 3 Individuals and 3 NGOs in Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh
Apr 9, 2010 Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) step up their fight against corruption with joint sanction accord

Available in 中文 Français Español Português Pусский 

Dec 9, 2009

 Siemens launches US$100-million initiative for anti-corruption;
Non-profit Organizations can immediately apply to Siemens for funding

Oct 22, 2009

 World Bank Report Highlights Progress in Addressing Corruption Risks 

Oct 9, 2009

 World Bank Integrity Vice President Reaffirms Cooperation at the Global Level is Critical to Advancing Anticorruption Efforts in Development Projects 

Jul 2, 2009

 Siemens to Pay $100m to Fight Fraud and Corruption as Part of World Bank Group Settlement 

Jun 30, 2009

 World Bank Investigators and OLAF Jointly Target Aid Fraud 

Jun 9, 2009

 New Report Demonstrates World Bank's Impact on Corruption 

 Sep 18, 2008 

 Former Australian Treasurer, U.S. Diplomat, Philippine Ombudsman, and Swiss Jurist Tapped For Anti-Corruption Board 

May 5, 2008

 Zoellick Appoints VP of Institutional Integrity

Apr 24, 2008

 World Bank Statement on Investigations into Fraud and Corruption in a Demobiliation and Reintegration Project

 Jan 23, 2008 

 World Bank Group to Implement Volcker Report 

Jan 11, 2008

 Government of India and World Bank Group Join Forces to Stamp Out Corruption in Health Sector Projects

Dec 18, 2007

 New Report Shows Strong Action in World Bank's Global Anti-Corruption Fight

Sep 13, 2007 


World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick Welcomes Volcker Panel Review of the World Bank’s Institutional Integrity Department


Sep 17, 2006 


MDBs Agree on Common Framework against Corruption


Sep 17, 2006 

 A Framework for Fighting Fraud and Corruption

Aug 14, 2006 

 World Bank Finds Corruption in Indonesia Roads Projects and Agrees with Gov't on Follow-Up Action Plan to Enhance Procurement and Project Oversight

Aug 1, 2006 

 World Bank Launches Voluntary Disclosure Program

Jun 6, 2006 

 Cambodia: World Bank Releases New Statement and Update

Feb 18, 2006 


Multilateral Development Banks Agree on Common Approach to Fight Corruption


Sep 27, 2005 

 Nigeria, Switzerland and the World Bank Underline the Importance of Fighting International Corruption and the Repatriation of Looted Funds

Sep 16, 2005 

 The Royal Government Of Cambodia And The World Bank Release Summary Report And Action Plan Aimed At Reducing Fiduciary Risks

Mar 29, 2005 


Cambodia: “Reduction Of Fiduciary Risks In World Bank-Funded Projects In Cambodia” Study Completed


Feb 24, 2005 

 World Bank Takes Further Step in Anti-Corruption Fight: Bank Initiates Annual Report Detailing Investigations

Jun 17, 2004 

 Republic of Guinea Convicts Three of Corruption Based on World Bank Referral

Apr 26, 2004 

 World Bank Group Warns Of Fraudulent Investment Schemes Misrepresenting Its Name

Jan 13, 2004 

 World Bank Welcomes Swedish District Court Decision On Bribery Case




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