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INT celebrates 15 years of integrity milestones at the World Bank Group. Annual Update available in English (pdf).

Press release available in:
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World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and Vice President for Integrity Leonard McCarthy assess the World Bank's efforts in the fight against corruption.  Annual Update available in English (pdf).

Letter from President Jim Yong Kim available in (pdf):
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FY13 Facts and Figures available in English (pdf).



INT focused on finding the right balance among the many competing anti-corruption priorities. In doing so, INT generated better results in its core investigative and sanctioning work while also helping Bank clients see and prevent the dangers of corruption. The full report is available in English (pdf).

Executive Summary available in:
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FY11 Annual Report 


As in recent years, those successes INT has had in fiscal 2011 have benefited from partnerships at varying levels of government and society, and has coincided with demand from the Bank’s client countries for anti-corruption support. The full report is available in English (pdf).

Executive Summary available in:
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FY10 Annual Report cover



INT managed a case load that spread across 84 countries and 260 projects, all while closing investigations well under targeted timeframes.  As a result of INT’s investigative work, the Bank Group in FY10 debarred 45 firms, individuals and non-governmental organizations.

Full report available in:
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FY09 Annual Report Cover



Stakeholders around the world--including our member countries and donors--are looking to the World Bank Group for leadership in responsible business practices.  They expect us to uphold a high standard of integrity in all aspects of our work.

Full report available in:
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INT Annual Report, FY08



Milestones from FY08 include the implementation of the Volcker Review Panel recommendations for INT; the completion of INT's largest undertaking, the India health sector Detailed Implementation Review; the public release of redacted INT investigative reports; and the arrival of INT's first Vice President.

Full report available in:
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Annual Integrity Report FY07



Among the success stories of FY07 is the support INT provided to the development of a risk assessment and mitigation plan for the Colombia La Guajira Water Project. The Task Team had developed a rigorous governance risk assessment and mitigation plan that received strong and explicit support by a wide range of Board members.

Full report available in:
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One overarching finding from the investigations into fraud and corruption in Bank-financed projects is that the schemes devised by the corrupt actors are broadly similar whether in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, or the Middle East.

Full report available in:
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Since its establishment in April 2001, the Department of Institutional Integrity (INT) has handled over 1,300 cases and currently has over 300 active cases. The Bank now has a budget of US$10 million for work in this area, making it by far the leader in resources committed among international institutions in the fight against fraud and corruption.

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