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Boy with branchPreventing Fraud & Corruption for Greater Development Impact

Taking a more comprehensive approach to targetting fraud and corruption, INT provides Bank staff and clients with guidance on how to build preventive measures into projects.

The Preventive Services Unit (PSU), working in partnership with operational teams, turns the unique knowledge gained from INT investigations into practical measures that can deter or stop corruption in World Bank-financed projects.

Report: Curbing Fraud, Corruption, and Collusion in the Roads Sector

Global Roads Review, 2011

This report covers global corruption trends in the roads sector and includes recommendations based on the experience of developed and developing countries. It draws from what INT has learned from its investigations of Bank-funded roads projects; borrowing country government’s investigations and reports; and the experience of developed countries.
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Tools: 10 Most Common Red Flags in Procurement

Red Flags in Procurement
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Revised Anti-Corruption Guidelines

The Guidelines On Preventing and Combating Fraud and Corruption in Projects Financed by IBRD Loans and IDA Credits and Grants (dated October 15, 2006) (the Anti-Corruption Guidelines) have been revised. The revised Anti-Corruption Guidelines do not introduce any new policy changes, but reflect decisions made by the Executive Directors in 2010, specifically with respect to Cross-debarment by Multilateral Development Banks, debarment of firms and individuals by the World Bank Group’s General Services Department and the issuance of the new Procurement and Consultant Guidelines.

The revised Anti-Corruption Guidelines dated January 2011 are applicable to any project for which the negotiated package was issued after January 20, 2011, or to projects for which the negotiated package was issued prior to January 20, 2011 but for which the borrower/recipient agree to the inclusion of the revised Anti-Corruption Guidelines during negotiations.

The revised Anti-Corruption Guidelines are available on the external website of the World Bank. For further information, questions and inquires staff may contact the Legal Operations Policy Practice Group (LEGOP).

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