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What they're saying about the VDP

 «Lorsque une entreprise décide de venir divulguer le fait qu’ils ont fait partie de corruption, ça nous fait une entreprise de plus qui pourra contribuer à arrêter ce fléau qui est la corruption.  Plus on a des moyens comme [le VDP], plus on pourra arriver à réduire la corruption de manière plus substantielle. »

“When a firm decides to disclose its past corrupt behavior, this is one more firm that can contribute to ending the plague of corruption.  The more tools we have like the VDP, the more we will be able to reduce corruption in a substantial way.”

Huguette Labelle

Chair, Transparency International

Interviewed by Radio Canada Première Chaîne, "L'heure des comptes," 7 August, 2006 []



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Cinnamon Dornsife, Associate Director, International Development Program, SAIS

"The Voluntary Disclosure Program represents a tough, yet pragmatic approach to combating corruption in World Bank financed or supported projects or contracts. It is an important policy tool that should be replicated at all the international financial institutions and donor agencies."

Cinnamon Dornsife

Associate Director, International Development Program

Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and former US Executive Director and Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank



"The World Bank's Voluntary Disclosure Program should have a substantial and immediate impact on commercial bribery. This program takes advantage of the convergence in the parties' interests: the Bank's interest in full cooperation, meaningful disclosure and robust internal controls and the disclosing parties' interest in a predictable and confidential resolution. When both ethics and economics favour greater transparency, real progress is possible."

Alexandra Wrage
President, TRACE International

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