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Conflicts of Interest

A conflict of interest situation arises when a person or an institution in a position to exercise judgement on a matter, has divergent interests, as, for instance, when a staff member's personal interests are different from those of the World Bank Group.


Staff members have a special responsibility to avoid situations and activities that might reflect adversely on the organization, compromise their operations, or lead to real, potential, or even apparent conflicts of interest. 


The Office of Ethics and Business Conduct (EBC) provides guidance and advice on the following:

  • Benefits, Favors & Gifts
  • Close Relatives
  • Concurrent Employment and Self-Employment (Outside Private Activities)
  • Dealings with Former Employers (Pre-Bank Employment) 
  • Dealings with Future Employers and Employment After Separation
  • Disclosure and Use of Non-Public Information
  • Employment Activities for Which Permission is not Required
  • Employment Activities Requiring Managerial Approval

  • Employment Activities Requiring Outside Interests Committee Approval

  • Honoraria
  • Instructions and Remuneration from Outside Sources
  • Medals, Decorations & Honors
  • Personal Financial Interests
  • Political Activity (Outside Public Activities) 
  • Public Office (Outside Public Activities) 
  • Public Statements 
  • Supervisory Relationships
  • Use of World Bank Group Services, Supplies, or Facilities

For further assistance, please contact the EBC. 

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