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The Office of Ethics and Business Conduct (EBC) ensures staff members understand their ethical obligations to the World Bank as embodied in its Core Values and the various rules, policies, guidelines under which they operate.  

Staff bear individual responsibility for the ethics of the institution.  Even if they are unable to affect institutional outcomes that are beyond their control, they have full control over their own behavior.  One of the first steps – sometimes the only one needed – in managing an ethically challenging situation is to disclose and seek advice before taking action.

 EBC has four strategic business responsibilities:

  • Outreach and Communications: Provide staff with advice and guidance to help ensure that WBG staff are aware of their ethics and business conduct obligations to the Bank Group
  • Trust and Transparency: Develop and deliver programs that enhance the Bank Group’s internal climate of trust and transparency
  • Respond and Resolve: Handle staff and stakeholder concerns about possible wrongdoing
  • Knowledge Management: Contribute to the insight of senior managers with respect to the culture and the risks and opportunities within their organizations, based on the broad issues arising and lessons learned.

The EBC is accessible to all staff, family members of staff members, World Bank Group clients and vendors, and can be contacted anonymously through the Ethics HelpLine anytime, anywhere.

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