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Code of Conduct

Living Our Values – The World Bank Group Code of Conduct

Sooner or later in our professional lives, we will face an ethical dilemma - a situation where the appropriate response is not clear, because the answer does not exist in a Rule or policy. When faced with such a situation, what would you do? The World Bank Group's Code of Conduct has been updated to provide practical advice on handling a broad range of situations that can arise.

The Code has three parts to meet different needs:

  • Code of Conduct (10.6MB) - Articulates the application of the Core Values in our Relationships with stakeholders
  • Code at a Glance (3.24 MB) - One-page summary of the key messages in the Code, which staff can share with stakeholders
  • Code of Conduct Questions and Answers (4.7 MB) - the "living" part of the Code based on questions raised by staff, which will be regularly updated.

Key New Features of the Updated Code

  • A Stakeholder Framework, focusing on our relationships with
    • Colleagues and Clients
    • The World Bank Group, (focusing on our responsibilities to the institution)
    • Civil society: Being Good Global Citizens
  • Enhanced Resources section
    • Descriptions of broad range of Internal Justice System and other staff resources
    • Icons specifying the resources that assist with various issues and questions
    • References to Staff Rules and policies where detailed information on topics can be found
    • Description of the process and protections afforded when staff raise concerns
  • Provides Tools and Decision-making Criteria
    • Not just “the answers” – criteria to think through to make the right choice – e.g. see box on Code page 15 on criteria to evaluate conflicts of interest

Foreign Language Translations
(One-page summary of the key messages in the Code, which staff can share with stakeholders)

For Additional Information
Contact the Office of Ethics and Business Conduct
Tel: 202-473-0279
Fax: 202-522-3093
Ethics Helpline (24 hours 7 days a week): 800-261-7497

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