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This website aims to provide tools and information about translation practices at the World Bank to language vendors and partner organizations. New vendors will find instructions and information to guide them through the application and registration process. Existing vendors will find links to terminology, styleguides and translation memory tools, to facilitate their work as a language vendor for the World Bank Group.

Within the World Bank Group's Translation Framework project and its planned three-year implementation phase, the Bank's Translation Unit (GSDTI), under the guidance of Operations Policy & Country Services (OPCS) and External Affairs (EXT), is coordinating the activities related to the implementation of an infrastructure to optimize decentralized translation management, and to share knowledge and resources worldwide. To achieve this, GSDTI is expected to provide translation coordination / management tools, a language vendor database (through which qualification, negotiation, contracts, copyrights, contractual agreements, legal issues, and purchase orders will be managed); a knowledge database (with terminology, dictionaries, a repository of translated documents); and tracking of the documents in translation, including scheduling and electronic distribution of completed translations via the World Bank Infoshop, Public Information Centers (PICs), and other channels.

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