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Africa Food and Oil Price Crisis

Economic crisis in Africa. DDVE releases a series of working papers on the impact of the crises and the effectiveness of government policies to cope with it. More...


About Us

DDVE - the Development Dialogue on Values and Ethics - is a small unit at The World Bank whose purpose is to contribute to analytical work, capacity development and dialogue on issues related to values and ethics. Founded in 2000, DDVE has traditionally served as the World Bank's focal point on the intersection of faith and development. In addition, the unit carries a number of projects related to prominent development issues, such as the current economic crisis in Africa, with a focus on the difficult distributional trade-offs faced by various development actors in dealing with these issues. More...


DDVE's mission is to contribute to analytical work, capacity development and dialogue in the areas of values and ethics as they relate to development. This includes work on the intersection of faith and development, as well as work on important topics that have strong implications for the well-being of the poor. Much of DDVE's work is related to specific Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and is listed in this website in relationship to each of the MDGs. In addition, much of DDVE's work can also be accessed through a number of DDVE projects. See DDVE Projects for a complete list of active projects.


Much of DDVE's analytical work is related to specific Millennium Development Goals and is listed in this website in relationship to each of these goals(see the links below). DDVE's work on MDGs also serves as a clearinghouse to gather and disseminate selected work by World Bank staff in the networks, regions, and country offices.


DDVE oversees the World Bank's Dialogue with faith leaders and faith-based organizations. Beyond work on faith and development, the unit aims to contribute to discussion on ethics and development, including specific distributional analysis, which includes a Dialogue with policy makers. The unit also maintains Partnerships with faith-based organizations and organizes or participates in a significant number of seminars, workshops and conferences, including an important upcoming July 2009 meeting.


DDVE’s publications aim to reach a large audience of practitioners and policymakers across both the mainstream and faith-based development communities, providing a unique vehicle for sharing knowledge. To achieve this objective DDVE launched in November 2008 three publication series: DDVE Studies, DDVE Working Papers, and DDVE Notes. All publications are freely available through the web and are made available through the RePEc websites to facilitate access by the public at large.

DDVE Studies are in most cases major pieces of work such as monographs and books. In many cases, the studies are published through an existing World Bank series (examples include World Bank Working Papers, and Directions in Development). DDVE studies are for the dissemination of World Bank-sponsored analytical work only.

DDVE Working Papers are research papers on specific issues, typically of 25-40 pages in length. Some of the papers are also published in other World Bank series, such as the Policy Research Working Papers, in which case they are then made also available through the DDVE Working Papers for wider access. DDVE working papers are in most cases for dissemination of World Bank-sponsored work, although exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

DDVE Notes are policy oriented briefs of 4-6 pages written in easily accessible language. While many of the notes are written by World Bank staff and consultants, the series seeks and welcomes guest contributions. If you are interested in submitting a note, please Contact Us.


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