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DDVE launched in November 2008 four publication series: DDVE Studies, DDVE Working Papers, DDVE Notes, and DDVE Briefs.  All publications are freely available through the web.  DDVE studies are typically written either by DDVE staff, or by other World Bank staff but on topics of direct interest to DDVE.  While most DDVE studies are sponsored by DDVE, some were sponsored by other World Bank units and are made available on this website simply to promote wider dissemination because they deal with issues of focus at DDVE. In the case of DDVE Studies (but not of the working papers and notes), apart from publications since 2008, the list below includes studies published earlier by DDVE current and former staff.  These earlier studies are provided not only because that are directly related to the current work program of the unit, but also because several of these studies are important in terms of the history of the unit.

List of DDVE Studies

2011-01 Escuelas Religiosas en América Latina: Estudios de Caso Sobre Fe y Alegría

2010-2 Private Health Sector Assessment in Kenya 

2010-1 Delivering Services in Multicultural Societies 

2009-4 The Changing HIV/AIDS Landscape 

2009-2 Improving Transparency, Integrity, and Accountability in Water Supply and Sanitation  

2009-1 Mongolian Buddhists Protecting Nature

2008-4 Risk Analysis for Islamic Banks

2008-3 Information and Public Choice: From Media Markets to Policy Making

2008-2 Access and Affordability of Modern Infrastructure Services in Africa

2008-1 Public Finance for Poverty Reduction: Concepts and Case Studies from Africa and Latin America

2007-3 Mind, Heart and Soul in the Fight Against Poverty

2007-2 Gender, Time Use and Poverty in Africa

2007-1 Conflict, Poverty and Livelihoods in Guinea-Bissau

2006-2 Faith and the Environment

2006-1 Participatory Approaches to Attacking Extreme Poverty

2005-1 Finding Global Balance - Common Ground between the Worlds of Development and Faith

2004-1 Development and Faith: When Mind, Heart and Soul Work Together

2003-2 Faith in Conservation: New Approaches to Religions and the Environment

2003-1 Millennium Challenges for Development and Faith Institutions


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