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– the Development Dialogue on Values and Ethics – is a small unit at The World Bank whose purpose is to contribute to analytical work, capacity development and dialogue on issues related to values and ethics. Founded in 2000, DDVE has traditionally served as the World Bank’s focal point on the intersection of faith and development. In addition, the unit carries a number of projects related to prominent development issues, such as the current economic crisis in Africa, with a focus on the difficult distributional trade-offs faced by various development actors in dealing with these issues.

A distinctive feature of DDVE is that our work aims to be grounded in solid empirical analysis, while we also aim at the same time to promote a participatory approach to development work. The unit supports the Bank’s networks and regions through advise on questions related to values and ethics and serves as a clearinghouse for wider dissemination of selected work by other units at The World Bank in these areas. The unit welcomes comments on its new Strategy Note.

The unit maintains partnerships with faith-based organizations as well as broader dialogues on development issues (see Faith Leaders and Partnerships with Faith-Based Organizations). A major meeting of faith and development leaders took place in July 2009 (see July 2009 Meeting) with a focus on issues related to service delivery by faith-based organizations.

This website serves as our portal to inform partners and the public at large on our activities as well as on some of the products of our work. The website is structured so that information can be accessed through links to a number of DDVE projects, as well as through links to the areas covered by the Millennium Development Goals. Written outputs are disseminated through various Publications series. DDVE organizes – or participates in – a wide range of Seminars, Workshops and Conferences. The unit also has a Capacity Development program and an electronic newsletter entitled Development Dialogue News.

DDVE is located in the World Bank’s Human Development Network Vice Presidency to take advantage of operational links between service delivery issues in human development and the unit’s areas of focus. Funding for DDVE is provided from various sources, typically on a project by project basis, and in part through trust funds that complement a small core budget. For any question, please Contact Us.




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