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Outreach and dialogue

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DDVE oversees the World Bank’s Dialogue with faith leaders and faith-based organizations. Beyond work on faith and development, the unit aims to contribute to discussion on ethics and development, including distributional analysis, which leads on occasion to a dialogue with policy makers. The unit also maintains Partnerships with faith-based organizations (FBOs), including with the World Faiths Development Dialogue, and organizes or participates in a significant number of seminars, workshops and conferences, including the July 2009 meeting which took place in Accra.

As part of a renewed focus on conducting empirical work on the role of faith-based organizations (FBOs) in development, DDVE has undertaken recently a number of projects aimed at better assessing the contribution of FBOs to Service delivery, with a particular focus on Fragile states. DDVE also actively participates in events organized by other organizations on the role of faith leaders and FBOs in service delivery, such as the August 2009 UNFPA Policy Roundtable, and the September 2009 Strategic Consultation on Faith & Malaria of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

The dialogue with policy makers is oriented towards major development issues which have substantial implications for the livelihoods of the poor, including the Africa Economic crisisGovernance and corruption, and Infrastructure Services – Access and Affordability. Other areas of current emphasis include Public Finance and Banking and Targeting and reaching the poor.


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