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DDVE Seminar Presentations

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DDVE staff and consultants regularly make seminar presentations within the World Bank as well as for outside audiences.  In addition, DDVE organizes seminars and workshops with participation by World Bank staff and external presenters.  Some of the presentations made by DDVE staff or by World Bank and other presenters at seminars organized by DDVE are provided below.  For a selected list of   events to which DDVE participated, see Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences – since 2008.  DDVE training events and other efforts directly aimed at capacity development are listed separately in our website (see Capacity Development – since 2008.)

2009-26 Assessments & Surveys in Conflict-Affected Countries: Analyzing Poverty, Social & Human Development (Diane Steele, World Bank)

2009-25 Improving Household Survey Data Collection in Conflict-Affected Countries Perspective from health sector (Debarati Guha-Sapir, Catholic University of Louvain)

2009-24 Identifying Conflict and its Effects Using Micro-Level Surveys (Tilman Bruck, DIW Berlin)

2009-23 Using Light Data Collection Mechanisms to Prepare a Bank Operation: Street Children in Kinshasa (John Elder, World Bank)

2009-22 Faith-Based Schools in Conflict-Affected Countries (Quentin Wodon, World Bank)

2009-21 Analyzing human development patterns in conflict-affected countries: Gold Standard vs. Good Enough  (Patrick Mullen, World Bank)

2009-20 Development of conflict module in survey research: Fafo’s Experience  (Tewodros A Kebede, FAFO)

2009-19 Investigating Conflict and Poverty: Why Mobility, Multidimensionality and Context Matter  (Patti Petesh, Independent Researcher)

2009-18 Poverty Assessments in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Countries: Strengthening the Conflict Perspective  (Per Wam, World Bank)

2009-17 A National Development Strategy for the Pygmy Communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Mohamed Arbi Ben-Achour, World Bank)

2009-16 Indigenous Peoples  (Harry Antony Patrinos, World Bank)

2009-15 Disability: Escaping Stigma and Neglect  (Giuseppe Zampaglione, World Bank)

2009-14 IFC Crisis Response Initiative: Targeted, Temporary and Timely (Kenroy Dowers, IFC)

2009-13 The Global Crisis and sub-Saharan Africa  (Antoinette Sayeh, IMF)

2009-12 Role of Research and Innovation to Address Hunger and Malnutrition  (Eija Pehu, World Bank)

2009-11 General Mills: Nourishing Lives (Chris Shea, General Mills)

2009-10 The Long-term Consequences of Malnutrition on Children: New evidence from Guatemala (John Hoddinott, IFPRI)

2009-9 A Case Example of Advocacy: The National Religious Partnership for the Environment (Walter Grazer, National Religious Partnership for the Environment)

2009-8 Voice of the poor in the Climate Change Debate (Dorrett Byrd, Catholic Relief Services)

2009-7 Reducing Vulnerability to Climate Change: World Vision (Douglas Brown, World Vision)

2009-6 Risks to Nutrition from Increasing Climate Variability (Harold Alderman, World Bank)

2009-5 Development in a Changing Climate: World Development report 2010 (Marianne Fay, World Bank)

2009-4 Africa Food and Financial Crisis: Food for the Hungry (Andy Barnes, Food for the Hungry)

2009-3 Catholic Relief Services and the Global Crisis (Bruce White, Catholic Relief Services)

2009-2 Liberia Cash for Work Temporary Employment Project (Giuseppe Zampaglione, World Bank)

2009-1 Africa and the Global Economic and Financial Crisis (Shanta Devarajan, World Bank)

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